Large number of 830,000 salmon fry die after released into California river

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A ample number of astir 830,000 salmon fry released into Northern California’s Klamath River are believed to person died aft suffering state bubble disease, authorities wildlife officials said Monday.

The information is caused by a terrible alteration successful pressure. It happened arsenic nan food went done nan Iron Gate Dam tunnel, nan California Department of Fish and Wildlife said.

That passageway and nan reservoir of nan aforesaid sanction will beryllium removed later this year.

The astir 830,000 Chinook salmon fry were nan first merchandise from nan Fall Creek Fish Hatchery, which was a $35 cardinal task designed to support salmon populations successful nan Klamath River erstwhile it is afloat undammed, nan department, known arsenic nan CDFW, said successful a statement.

Juvenile Chinook salmon aquatics successful a raceway astatine Iron Fish Gate Hatchery, Siskiyou County, Calif.,Juvenile Chinook salmon aquatics astatine Iron Fish Gate Hatchery, Siskiyou County, Calif., earlier their relocation to nan Fall Creek installation successful 2021.Travis VanZant / California Department of Fish and Wildlife

The food were released connected Feb. 26.

How galore of nan astir 830,000 fry died was not clear, a spokesperson for nan section said, but it’s being called a “high mortality rate.”

There’s nary denotation of h2o value problems successful nan river, which is almost 270 miles agelong and travels from Oregon and done Northern California, and location are different patient yearling coho and Chinook salmon that came from downstream from nan dam, nan CDFW said.

From now connected until that reservoir and passageway is removed, immoderate different released will beryllium done downstream of it, nan section said.

The Klamath River was erstwhile nan 3rd largest salmon-producing stream connected nan West Coast, and dams contributed to nan diminution since then, according to nan National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

The deaths of nan food are “yet different sad reminder of really nan Klamath River dams person harmed salmon runs for generations,” nan CDFW said.

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