Landslide that destroyed 1 home and threatened at least 2 others prompts evacuations in L.A.

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LOS ANGELES — A landslide reduced a Los Angeles location nether renewal to a jumble of lumber, pulled nan excavation and platform distant from a 2nd home, and near nan excavation astatine a 3rd residence connected nan separator of a immense fissure early Wednesday.

The descent occurred conscionable earlier 3 a.m. successful Sherman Oaks, a vicinity of costly homes astir 12 miles northwest of downtown. An first hunt recovered nary victims, but respective group were evacuated from 1 house, nan Los Angeles Fire Department said successful a statement.

There was nary contiguous connection connected nan origin of nan landslide, but numerous slides have happened successful Southern California owed to drenching wintertime storms that saturated nan ground.

Since Jan. 1, downtown Los Angeles has had almost 16 inches of rain, which is astir doubly what it usually gets by this clip of year. By early February, nan metropolis had reported nearly 600 mudslides, had re-tagged 16 buildings arsenic unsafe to participate and had yellow-tagged much than 30 others, limiting entree to them.

News chopper video revealed nan grade of nan slide. The destroyed house, which appeared to beryllium successful nan midst of a renovation, was crushed pinch astir of its tile lying connected nan ground. Next door, nan descent pulled a excavation and platform area distant from a house.

Up nan hill, nan descent near a tennis tribunal and excavation connected nan separator of a immense fissure. A array and chairs that utilized to beryllium poolside stood connected a spot of platform connected nan different broadside of nan gaping fissure. Firefighters drained nan excavation to trim weight connected nan hill.

“Department of Building and Safety is responding to measure nan structures and hillsides,” nan Fire Department said.

Southern California has seen a lull successful storms successful caller days, but slides and rockfalls person continued. Sections of Pacific Coast Highway successful Malibu and State Route 27 done Topanga Canyon westbound of Los Angeles person been particularly hard-hit.

South of nan city, a notable descent successful nan metropolis of Dana Point near an ocean position estate on nan separator of a coastal bluff.

Some rainfall could return this weekend, nan National Weather Service said.

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