Lakers say typos on Kobe Bryant statue outside team's arena to be corrected

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The Los Angeles Lakers said Monday that pronunciation errors connected a Kobe Bryant statue, unveiled past period extracurricular nan team's arena, will beryllium corrected.

The errors were pointed retired and amplified by German journalist André Voigt, who published his finds connected social media level X connected Sunday. They see pronunciation Toronto defender José Calderón arsenic “Jose Calderson," and pronunciation erstwhile Laker Von Wafer arsenic “Vom Wafer," according to NBC Los Angeles.

The connection determination is group successful bronze arsenic "decicion," nan position said.

kobe bryant statue typos mispellingsA personification points to nan misspelled sanction of José Calderón arsenic Jose Calderson.NBC Los Angeles

The statue’s airs was inspired by nan precocious player’s index-finger-in-the-air postgame consequence to his epic 81-point crippled successful nan Lakers’ 122-104 triumph against nan Toronto Raptors connected Jan. 22, 2006.

It was nan league’s second-highest game-points full for a azygous player. Wilt Chamberlain’s 100 points successful nan then-Philadelphia Warriors’ 169-147 win against nan New York Knicks successful 1962 remains nan precocious mark.

The 19-foot statue of Bryant, who spent his full profession pinch nan Lakers, features a recreation of nan Toronto game’s scorecard, wherever Calderón and Wafer's names, arsenic good arsenic "decision," are spelled correctly, NBC Los Angeles said.

“We person been alert of this for a fewer weeks and are already moving to get it corrected soon," a Lakers spokesperson said successful a connection Monday.

kobe bryant statue typos mispellingsVon Wafer is misspelled arsenic "Vom Wafer."NBC Los Angeles

The bronze of Bryant successful his earlier No. 8 jersey was unveiled connected Feb. 8 at Star Plaza extracurricular Arena successful downtown Los Angeles.

Widow Vanessa Bryant said astatine nan arena that it would beryllium nan first of 3 statues commissioned to immortalize nan five-time NBA title winner.

The others see Bryant successful his No. 24 jersey, and nan subordinate pinch girl Gianna, who died pinch him and 7 others in a chopper clang successful January 2020.

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