LaGuardia Airport among best airports in country after years of bad reputation

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After holding nan estimation arsenic 1 of nan worst airports successful nan country, LaGuardia Airport has made a complete turnaround, being awarded nan champion airdrome of its size based connected a caller rider survey. 

The Airport Service Quality (ASQ) named LaGuardia nan "best airdrome of 25 to 40 cardinal passengers successful North America" successful 2023.

The nickname marks nan occurrence of a multibillion-dollar transformation astatine nan airdrome successful Queens, taking it from worst to champion successful a matter of 5 years.

"When we started retired connected our $8 cardinal translator of LaGuardia, fewer believed we could create nan world-class airdrome our region deserves. But nan ASQ grant proves that seeing is believing," Port Authority Executive Director Rick Cotton said successful a statement Monday.

"The ASQ grant is simply a testament to nan difficult activity and dedication of not only those who designed and built nan caller airport, but to those providing exceptional work each and each day," Chief Executive Officer of LaGuardia Gateway Partners Suzette Noble said.

Delta Air Lines Terminals Ahead Of Earnings FiguresDelta Air Lines signage wrong Terminal C astatine LaGuardia Airport successful Queens, N.Y., connected June 2, 2023. Angus Mordant / Bloomberg via Getty Images

With nan completion of caller terminals and airdrome roadways, 2023 became nan first afloat twelvemonth each rider accommodation were successful usage astatine LaGuardia, according to nan Port Authority.

The renovations led to a 20% summation from 2018 study scores, pinch wide rider restitution earning a 4.24 retired of 5 rating. 

The largest driver down nan jump successful rider restitution was nan airport's ambience and installation cleanliness, which accrued by 21% and 15%, respectively, complete nan past 5 years. Other improved factors included information screening, eating accommodation and nan comfortableness of gross areas, nan Port Authority stated.

More than 4,200 passengers completed nan Airport Service Quality study astatine gates successful LaGuardia Airport passim 2023.

"There is nary amended judge of our caller airports than nan passengers who usage them, which is why nan ASQ grant for champion airdrome going to LaGuardia is truthful meaningful," Port Authority Chairman Kevin O'Toole said.

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