Kylie Kelce announces her and Jason’s dog died: ‘I lost part of my soul today’

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Jason Kelce’s wife, Kylie Kelce, is mourning nan nonaccomplishment of her Irish wolfhound Winnie.

Kylie Kelce connected Thursday shared pinch her Instagram followers a slideshow of photos of Winnie complete nan years, including 1 image of Jason Kelce patting Winnie’s caput and different of herself successful her wedding gown looking down astatine her dog.

“When I was successful precocious schoolhouse I had a files connected my desktop branded ‘Gods gift to earth’. It was images of Irish Wolfhouds that I had collected from Google. I had fallen successful emotion pinch nan breed erstwhile I was a young and ne'er fto my fascination pinch them fade,” she captioned her post. “It each lead maine to Winnie and beatified s--t did she unrecorded up to nan hype. She was everything I had hoped for successful a wolfie and more.”

“I mislaid portion of my psyche today, but I cognize she is astatine peace,” Kylie Kelce added. “I emotion you, Winn. You will ever beryllium my first calved child.”

Jason Kelce’s brother, Travis Kelce, commented pinch 2 pleading look emojis and said his sister-in-law gave “Winn an astonishing life.”

Travis Kelce’s ex-girlfriend Kayla Nicole also added, “Winnie girl. What a saccharine life she lived. ❤.”

The Kelces besides person a abstracted Instagram account dedicated to their dogs. In summation to Winn, they are pet parents to different Irish wolfhound named Baloo.