Kristi Noem faces lawsuit after promoting Texas dentist on social media

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South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem was sued successful Washington connected Wednesday complete her promotion of a Texas dentist connected her societal media accounts this week.

The lawsuit, revenge by nan user defense group Travelers United successful nan Superior Court of nan District of Columbia, alleges that Noem "advertised a merchandise aliases work without disclosing that she has a financial narration pinch that company" aft she posted a video to societal media Tuesday regarding dental services she received.

In nan video, Noem describes consulting pinch and subsequently getting her teeth adjusted by a cosmetic dental institution known arsenic Smile Texas. The video appeared connected Facebook, X, Truth Social, and Instagram.

Doctors astatine Smile Texas helped set Noem's teeth from a biking mishap years earlier that knocked retired each of her beforehand teeth, she says successful nan astir five-minute video.

"The squad present was singular and yet gave maine a grin that I tin beryllium proud of and assured in, and that really is simply a gift that I deliberation is going to beryllium incredibly typical to have," Noem says. "I chose nan squad present astatine Smile Texas because they’re nan best."

The suit accuses Noem of "deceptive advertizing practices," which nan group says violated user protection laws successful Washington, D.C. It besides cites Federal Trade Commission guidelines connected including connection to separate societal media posts arsenic advertisements.

Noem "seems to person taken up activity arsenic a societal media influencer," nan group wrote successful nan filing, arguing that nan video station is intended to beforehand aesculapian tourism and advertise services to D.C. residents.

“Companies, for illustration Smile Texas, salary influencers, for illustration Kristi Noem, to beforehand their merchandise aliases work to her followers,” nan filing, submitted by Lauren Wolfe, an lawyer for Travelers United, said.

“There is nary disclosure that this is an advertisement aliases that she received immoderate free aliases discounted aesculapian procedures successful speech for this societal media advertisement,” nan archive added.

The group is asking nan tribunal to bid Noem to salary punitive damages successful an magnitude wished astatine trial, grant statutory damages to Travelers United, and artifact Noem from advertizing connected societal media without disclosure.

Smile Texas and a spokesperson for Noem did not instantly respond to NBC News' petition for remark connected Wednesday night.

Noem is among erstwhile President Donald Trump's imaginable picks for a moving mate connected nan Republican statesmanlike ticket.

Her squad previously confirmed to NBC News that she met pinch nan erstwhile president astatine Mar-a-Lago connected Feb. 26, but it declined to supply specifications astir nan meeting.

Zoë Richards

Zoë Richards is nan evening authorities newsman for NBC News.