Kristen Stewart and her ‘Love Lies Bleeding’ co-star on bringing lesbian sex to the cinema

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“It conscionable felt for illustration a emotion communicative that was showing each nan dirty, real, good, nosy stuff, which is each nan bad stuff, actually,” she said successful a associated question and reply pinch O’Brian and head Rose Glass. “Love tin perfectly destruct you and others, and you don’t ever make nan astir selfless decisions successful love.”

Stewart besides said: “There’s nary fixed meaning for love. It’s specified a intends to warrant immoderate determination that 1 mightiness make recklessly.” Her characteristic surely makes reckless decisions, including committing aggregate felonies, for nan liking of love.

What nan movie lacks successful emotionally patient relationships it makes up for pinch unapologetically Sapphic activity scenes, a rarity successful mainstream films.

Asked whether she had immoderate reservations filming specified friendly scenes, O’Brian unequivocally said no. 

“I was excited, because I was like, ‘Ugh, finally, I get to do thing real, that felt much real,’” she said. “My large point was I conscionable wanted to make judge Kristen was comfortable.”

However, O’Brian said it was “hard to consciousness sexy” while really filming those scenes, because nan location wherever they were filming felt for illustration it was 112 degrees and she was made to deterioration aggregate layers, including 1 that “felt for illustration I was wearing a diaper” (though, according to Stewart, “it was a tiny diaper”).

“It was benignant of for illustration erstwhile you sewage there, and you conscionable saw really silly nan theatrics of it were, it took a batch of nan unit off,” O’Brian said, “and evidently we worked pinch an intimacy coordinator and everything, and we talked astir nan scenes and comfortableness zones.”

Katy O'Brian, left, said she had nary reservations astir filming friendly scenes pinch Kristen Stewart for "Love Lies Bleeding."Katy O'Brian, left, said she had nary reservations astir filming friendly scenes pinch Kristen Stewart for "Love Lies Bleeding."A24

Stewart said astir movie activity scenes consciousness mechanical and unrealistic. She wanted to bring thing different to “Love Lies Bleeding.”

“The tally of nan mill, like, just-go-for-it simulated activity point is truthful rote, and it’s for illustration actors do person this default point where, like, ‘OK we’re expected to make retired and person activity now.’ That’s conscionable not really group person sex, and I’m truthful sick of seeing it,” she said. “Really nailing nan specifications and talking astir nan beingness acquisition much truthful than moreover seeing it, for illustration verbalizing it, talking to each other, sharing space, for illustration having it not beryllium trim up into a ton of different shots, it felt for illustration … a really beautiful point to present an acquisition that was, like, literal alternatively of faux.”

O’Brian added, “If anyone takes thing from this movie, it’s to inquire your partner what they like. You don’t spot that successful a movie.”

Brooke Sopelsa

Brooke Sopelsa is nan editorial head of NBC Out, NBC News' LGBTQ integer destination.