Kim Jong Un inspects North Korean troops and orders heightened war preparations

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North Korean leader Kim Jong Un called for greater warfare fighting capabilities against nan United States and South Korea, authorities media reported Thursday, aft his defense ministry vowed to respond to nan ongoing South Korean-U.S. subject drills that it views arsenic an penetration rehearsal.

During a sojourn to a occidental operational training guidelines connected Wednesday, Kim said nan subject must “steadily intensify nan existent warfare drills aimed astatine quickly improving its combat capabilities for cleanable warfare preparedness,” nan charismatic Korean Central News Agency said.

Kim said nan heightened readiness is required to “contain nan changeless threat of nan enemies pinch overwhelming force,” KCNA said.

It said Kim guided maneuvers of subject units astatine nan tract but didn’t elaborate. State media photos showed Kim wearing a achromatic leather overgarment and opinionated successful position to sprout a firearm and opinionated adjacent soldiers who were lying connected nan crushed and aiming their rifles.

Kim has antecedently made akin calls for a stronger subject galore times.

But his latest request came 2 days aft North Korea’s Defense Ministry threatened to behaviour unspecified ”responsible subject activities” because South Korean-U.S. subject drills were allegedly getting much undisguised successful their effort for invading nan North.

The South Korean and U.S. militaries began their yearly computer-simulated bid station training and a assortment of section exercises connected Monday for an 11-day run. This year’s drills were to impact 48 section exercises, doubly nan number conducted past year. The 2 countries person said their drills are protect successful nature.