Kelly Clarkson and Peyton Manning will co-host the Paris Olympic opening ceremony with Mike Tirico

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NBC Sports’ Mike Tirico will person immoderate beautiful heady institution during nan opening ceremonial astatine this year’s Summer Olympics in Paris.

On nan Tuesday section of “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,” Tirico was joined by Kelly Clarkson and Peyton Manning to denote they would host nan festivities.

“It’s an grant to beryllium capable to denote for nan first clip anyplace that this year, astatine nan Summer Olympics successful Paris, nan opening ceremonial will beryllium hosted by yours truly, Peyton Manning and Kelly Clarkson,” Tirico said arsenic nan crowd erupted successful applause.

“I’m truthful gladsome we tin opportunity it. We’ve been holding this,” Clarkson added.

Manning said nan acquisition would beryllium typical because he told his mother successful precocious schoolhouse that he would return her to Paris 1 day, and he was yet surviving up to his promise.

“Thirty years to nan clip I graduated, I’m taking my mom to Paris for nan Olympics,” he said.

When is nan Olympic opening ceremonial and really to watch

This will people nan 4th clip Tirico has hosted nan opening ceremony, slated for July 26 connected NBC, Peacock and Telemundo, which stock a genitor institution pinch NBC News. Clarkson and Manning will make their debut arsenic Olympic hosts. The ceremonial will beryllium held on nan Seine River, marking nan first clip nan opening ceremonial for nan Summer Olympics will not beryllium held successful a stadium.

“The opening ceremony’s going to beryllium truthful different and unique, down nan Seine, down nan river, pinch nan athletes connected a boat,” Tirico told Fallon. “So, it’s not nan stadium wherever they locomotion in. It’ll incorporated Paris.”

And while nan 3 of them will oversee nan opening ceremony, Tirico did his champion to seduce Fallon to big nan closing festivities pinch him.

“Do I person to get connected my knee? Will you opportunity yes?” Tirico asked him.

“Are you serious? Is this real? I’m in!” he said, arsenic nan audience, on pinch Tirico, Manning and Clarkson, went wild.

He sewage up from down his table and stood pinch nan different three.

“The dream squad correct here!” he exclaimed.

Clarkson herself had immoderate nosy astatine nan thought of being portion of an improbable trio pinch Manning and Tirico.

“You will ne'er spot these 3 individuals do thing other together. This is nan astir random point that they’ve done, and I americium down for nan ride, people,” she said before welcoming them on her daytime talk show connected March 13.