Kansas will pay $1 million over murder of 7-year-old boy whose body was fed to pigs

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TOPEKA, Kan. — Kansas will salary $1 cardinal to settee a suit complete a 7-year-old boy’s execution successful 2015 alleging that nan state’s kid use agency should person removed him from an abusive location earlier he was starved and tortured and his assemblage was fed to pigs.

Gov. Laura Kelly and apical leaders of nan Kansas Legislature approved nan colony during a little nationalist gathering Tuesday aft conferring pinch authorities Attorney General Kris Kobach’s apical lawman successful backstage for 30 minutes. The lawsuit was revenge successful 2017 successful Wyandotte County successful nan Kansas City area by nan boy’s mother, maternal grandma and big sister, and a territory tribunal proceedings was scheduled for April 2025.

The boy, Adrian Jones, was surviving pinch his father, Michael Jones, and his stepmother, Heather Jones, successful Kansas City, Kansas, erstwhile he died. Both are serving 25 years-to-life situation sentences for his murder, and authorities said nan boy was beaten and locked naked successful a ablution stall for months arsenic a closed-circuit surveillance camera recorded his deteriorating condition.

The Kansas Department for Children and Families received reports that Adrian was being abused respective years earlier his death, but its past beingness interaction pinch him was almost 4 years earlier his death, according to more than 2,000 pages of records released successful 2017 by nan agency. The records showed that nan 3 of them moved often betwixt communities successful Kansas and Missouri.

“This has been a agelong travel for Adrian’s family,” said Matt Birch, an lawyer representing nan family members. “The astir important point for nan family was to hopefully make a alteration and make this little apt to hap successful nan future.”

The family members’ suit based on that nan authorities and societal workers could person “stepped successful and rescued” Adrian “at immoderate constituent during nan child’s lengthy, unimaginable ordeal” but “chose to enactment for illustration disinterested bystanders.” The Kansas agency based on that predominant moves made it difficult to support tabs connected nan boy.

Kansas Senate Minority Leader Dinah Sykes, a Kansas City-area Democrat and 1 of nan lawmakers who approved nan settlement, said Wednesday that she believes nan authorities faced “a batch of liability” legally for what happened.

But Kelly told reporters Wednesday astatine nan Statehouse that nan rumor wasn’t nan imaginable damages successful a suit but nan litigation distracting it from “the ngo astatine hand” of improving nan kid use system.

“It really had to do pinch wanting to get that settled and not walk clip litigating successful courts for what could beryllium decidedly months, possibly moreover years,” she said.

The solution approving nan settlement, made nationalist Wednesday, shows that nan section will salary half of nan colony and nan different half will travel from a typical authorities money that covers damages successful lawsuits.

An lawyer and its labor successful nan suit did not instantly return a telephone connection Wednesday seeking comment. Kobach’s agency besides did not comment.

The Democratic politician and leaders of nan Republican-controlled Legislature approved nan colony during a nationalist meeting, but its unfastened portions totaled little than 5 minutes earlier and aft nan closed convention pinch Chief Deputy Attorney General Dan Burrows.

While Kelly publication nan lawsuit’s title earlier nan vote, neither she nor nan lawmakers discussed specifications publically Tuesday, pursuing what has been a modular believe for years. Typically, location is nary general follow-up announcement to nan public.

Told astir nan $1 cardinal colony Wednesday, authorities Rep. Susan Concannon, a Republican from occidental Kansas who chairs nan Legislature’s Joint Committee connected Child Welfare Oversight, said: “I americium a small spot amazed that it’s not much than that.”

A multiyear legislative reappraisal of nan kid use strategy followed nan boy’s death. In 2021, “Adrian’s Law” created nan committee Concannon heads and required officers and caseworkers to visually observe children who are alleged victims of maltreatment aliases neglect.

The authorities besides has moved to amended doctors’ training successful recognizing maltreatment and to supply “wrap-around” services for troubled families.

Birch said that he and nan family dream that done nan suit and 2021 rule “there will beryllium much eyes connected these kids.”

Adrian’s family members besides revenge a suit successful 2017 successful Jackson County, Missouri, besides successful nan Kansas City-area, against officials successful that state. The lawsuit was settled successful 2020, but nan specifications were not instantly available, and Birch said he couldn’t comment.

Adrian’s remains were recovered successful November 2015 successful a pigsty connected his begetter and stepmother’s rental spot aft officers responded to a home unit call. Heather Jones accused Michael Jones of beating and choking her, according to affidavits and hunt warrants later released by authorities.

According to tribunal records nan Joneses utilized progressively terrible methods to power nan boy’s behavior, including strapping him to an inversion table, handcuffing him and shocking him pinch a instrumentality called a Zap Enforcer. He besides suffered from “extreme starvation,” tribunal records said.

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