Kamala Harris to visit a clinic that provides abortion services 

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Vice President Kamala Harris plans to circuit a Planned Parenthood session successful Minnesota that provides abortion services Thursday, according to 3 sources acquainted pinch nan planning.

The sources said they believed this was nan first clip a president aliases vice president has ever visited a session that provides abortion services successful U.S. history.

Harris plans to circuit nan session and speak to healthcare providers, nan sources said. The vice president whitethorn besides talk to patients, though nan sources stressed that Harris wants to make judge she doesn’t disrupt immoderate services during her visit. She could besides speak to reporters extracurricular nan clinic. 

In 2013, erstwhile President Barack Obama became nan first sitting president to reside Planned Parenthood. But Obama delivered his remarks astatine a Planned Parenthood convention astatine a edifice successful Washington, D.C. and not astatine 1 of their clinics.

Harris has emerged arsenic a vocal and salient advocator for abortion entree for nan Biden administration. She has pointedly attacked erstwhile President Donald Trump and Republicans for supporting abortion restrictions and has vowed to push for national authorities to reconstruct nan national correct to abortions. 

President Joe Biden besides made nan rumor of reproductive healthcare for women a very salient rumor successful nan State of nan Union past week. It was nan first home rumor raised successful nan reside which was a privilege for nan White House.

The travel will beryllium nan sixth extremity successful nan vice president’s “Fight for Reproductive Freedoms” tour, which she kicked disconnected successful January to push for much abortion entree successful nan aftermath of nan overruling of Roe v. Wade. 

Her agency plans to merchandise nan location of nan session person to nan clip of her sojourn arsenic her squad has been concerned astir protests, nan sources said.

This is Harris’ 3rd travel to Minnesota arsenic vice president. 

The vice president’s agency did not supply a remark erstwhile reached by NBC News connected Wednesday night.

Yamiche Alcindor

Yamiche Alcindor is an NBC News Washington correspondent.