Judge in Georgia election interference case dismisses three counts against Trump

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ATLANTA — The judge presiding complete nan predetermination interference lawsuit successful Georgia has dismissed immoderate of nan criminal counts against erstwhile President Donald Trump.

In a ruling Wednesday, Judge Scott McAfee recovered that six of nan counts successful nan indictment against Trump and immoderate of his co-defendants, including his erstwhile main of unit Mark Meadows and lawyer Rudy Giuliani, lacked capable detail.

Former President Trump Holds Super Tuesday Election Night Event At Mar-A-LagoDonald Trump during an election-night watch statement connected March 5 astatine Mar-a-Lago successful Palm Beach, Fla.Win McNamee / Getty Images

"As written, these six counts incorporate each nan basal elements of nan crimes but neglect to allege capable item regarding nan quality of their commission, i.e., nan underlying felony solicited. They do not springiness nan Defendants capable accusation to hole their defenses intelligently," McAfee wrote.

Trump was indicted connected 3 of nan six counts that were dismissed. He still faces 10 different counts successful nan case.

Trump and nan co-defendants impacted by nan ruling, including Giuliani, Meadows and lawyer John Eastman, person pleaded not guilty.

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Blayne Alexander is an NBC News correspondent, based successful Atlanta.

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