Judge delays Rep. Lauren Boebert's hearing seeking a permanent restraining order against ex-husband

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A Colorado judge connected Monday delayed a proceeding that could person wished whether Rep. Lauren Boebert’s impermanent restraining bid against her ex-husband, Jayson Boebert, becomes permanent.

The hold came aft Jayson Boebert did not look successful court. Lauren Boebert was present.

The judge will now effort to service an bid adjacent week, erstwhile Jayson Boebert is group to beryllium successful tribunal for 2 criminal cases. A akin proceeding had been group for early February aft nan impermanent bid was issued.

“It is simply a difficult determination for maine to make, obviously, arsenic a mother. My boys miss their father. But I americium acrophobic that his anger for maine mightiness beryllium taken retired connected them,” Boebert said successful tribunal Monday. “And this is simply a very difficult determination to proceed with, and I wish that he was here.”

The judge presented Boebert pinch 2 different options, which she decided not to pursue. He said that he could springiness nan erstwhile mates a caller tribunal day and effort to service Jayson Boebert past aliases that she could disregard nan impermanent restraining order.

The judge conceded that he is unsure whether Jayson Boebert planned to beryllium astatine adjacent week’s hearing, whether his attorneys will beryllium coming aliases whether they will beryllium successful personification aliases attending virtually.

Boebert’s legislature agency did not instantly respond to a petition for remark connected Monday’s proceedings.

Jayson Boebert was put nether a impermanent restraining bid aft Lauren Boebert accused him of threatening to harm her and entering nan location without permission. She has antecedently referred to an alleged beingness conflict betwixt Jayson Boebert and 1 of their children.

The impermanent bid included protections for their children, arsenic well.

One of her children, Tyler Jay Boebert, 18, was arrested past period aft a “string of conveyance trespass and spot thefts” successful Rifle, Colorado, constabulary said. He faces felony counts of criminal possession of recognition documents and conspiracy to perpetrate a felony, arsenic good arsenic much than 15 further misdemeanor and petty offenses, constabulary said.

Boebert, who precocious switched to a neighboring legislature district that is solidly Republican to debar a reliable re-election bid successful her erstwhile district, cited family troubles arsenic 1 of nan reasons down her determination to move.

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