Judge approves Trump's $91 million bond in E. Jean Carroll case

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A national judge connected Tuesday approved Donald Trump’s $91.63 cardinal bond in nan E. Jean Carroll case, insulating nan erstwhile president from immoderate effort to cod nan judgement while he appeals nan verdict.

Trump now has 5 days to record a transcript of nan approved enslaved pinch nan Clerk of nan Court for nan Southern District of New York. After that, enforcement of nan jury’s $83 cardinal judgement against him successful January will beryllium put connected clasp “pending nan last disposition of nan entreaty by nan United States Court of Appeals for nan Second Circuit.”

Trump's lawyers filed announcement this period that they would entreaty nan verdict.

In a filing past week, attorneys for Trump said that they had secured nan bond, marking a departure from erstwhile requests for nan judge to trim nan magnitude for nan enslaved and supply much clip for obtaining it.

Carroll antecedently celebrated news of nan bond, calling it a "stupendous amount" successful a Substack post this month.

The Federal Insurance Company is nan root of nan bond.

A jury ruled in January that Trump must salary Carroll $83.3 cardinal successful damages for defamation. It was nan 2nd verdict successful favour of Carroll against Trump. Last May, he was recovered liable for sexually abusing and defaming Carroll. She was was awarded $5 cardinal successful damages.

The appeals process successful nan latest defamation lawsuit is group to get underway aft Trump and his institution risked different financial deed pinch a $464 cardinal judgement in nan New York civilian fraud case. Trump is appealing that judgement arsenic well.

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