Jonathan Glazer condemns violence in Gaza and Israel in Oscars speech

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British filmmaker Jonathan Glazer, accepting nan Academy Award for champion world characteristic connected Sunday, denounced nan bloodshed successful nan Middle East and asked nan assemblage to see really it could "resist" nan "dehumanization" of nan warfare successful Gaza.

Glazer received nan Oscar for "The Zone of Interest," a play that follows Nazi commandant Rudolf Höss and his family arsenic they effort to build an idyllic life correct extracurricular nan walls of nan Auschwitz attraction campy successful Poland during nan Holocaust.

The film, a co-production of nan United Kingdom and Poland, pointedly avoids showing nan atrocities committed by nan Nazi authorities wrong Auschwitz, alternatively focusing connected nan day-to-day home routines of nan Höss family.

"All our choices were made to bespeak and face america successful nan coming — not to say, 'Look what we did then,' rather, 'Look what we do now.' Our movie shows wherever dehumanization leads astatine its worst," Glazer said, reference from prepared remarks. "It shaped each of our past and present."

Glazer, who is Jewish, past said: "Right now, we guidelines present arsenic men who refute their Jewishness and nan Holocaust being hijacked by an occupation, which has led to conflict for truthful galore people."

Inside nan Dolby Theatre, galore successful nan assemblage could beryllium seen cheering and applauding. Sandra Hüller, nan German character who portrayed Höss' wife, Hedwig, appeared to beryllium crying and put her manus to her chest.

Glazer went connected to say: "Whether nan victims of October nan 7th successful Israel aliases nan ongoing onslaught successful Gaza, each nan victims of this dehumanization, really do we resist?"

96th Academy Awards Live TelecastJohnathan Glazer during nan 96th Academy Awards connected Sunday.Myung J. Chun / Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

He dedicated his Oscar to Aleksandra Bystroń-Kołodziejczyk, a Polish personnel of nan World War II resistance. In nan film, a young woman inspired by Bystroń-Kołodziejczyk secretly transports apples to starving Jewish prisoners astatine Auschwitz.

Glazer's comments represented nan astir nonstop commentary connected nan warfare successful nan Middle East during nan awards ceremony.

In general, presenters and winners astatine nan awesome Hollywood grant shows this twelvemonth person not explicitly referred to nan conflict. However, Billie Eilish and Ramy Youssef wore reddish pins connected nan Oscars reddish carpet symbolizing calls for a cease-fire.

James Wilson, a shaper of "The Zone of Interest," addressed nan unit during an acceptance reside astatine nan 77th British Academy Film Awards (BAFTAs) successful London past month.

In his speech, Wilson said successful portion that "it seems stark correct now that we should attraction astir guiltless group being killed successful Gaza aliases Yemen successful nan aforesaid measurement we deliberation astir guiltless group being killed successful Mariupol aliases successful Israel."

Glazer's comments connected Sunday instantly stirred statement online, wherever immoderate societal media users objected to his message, misquoted him aliases accused him of having refuted his Jewish identity.

The video of Glazer's reside was not disposable connected nan verified YouTube transmission for nan Oscars, though immoderate intermezo news outlets uploaded it.

"The Zone of Interest," loosely based connected a caller by Martin Amis, drew world acclaim erstwhile it was released successful theaters past year. It was up for 5 Oscars, including champion image and champion director, and it won two: champion world characteristic and champion sound.

Glazer's erstwhile characteristic films are "Under nan Skin" (2013), "Birth" (2004), and "Sexy Beast" (2000). He is besides known for directing stylish euphony videos for artists specified arsenic Radiohead, Massive Attack and Blur.

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