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In today’s newsletter: “Oppenheimer” won 7 awards astatine nan 96th Academy Awards, including champion image and directing. Conservatives are furious astir nan precocious passed authorities backing bill, but they’re not threatening to oust House Speaker Mike Johnson. And Kensington Palace issued an apology for editing a photograph of Kate, Princess of Wales, aft photograph agencies rumor a removal announcement for nan image. 

 Here’s what to cognize today.

‘Oppenheimer’ dominates Oscars, collecting trio of awesome awards among its 7 wins

a compilation of images from nan oscars connected march 10, 2024.Getty Images; AFP; ABC

Christopher Nolan’s “Oppenheimer,” an epic biographical thriller astir nan dawn of nan atomic era, won large astatine nan 96th Academy Awards, winning 7 prizes, including champion director and nan apical prize of champion picture. Cillian Murphy won champion character for his domiciled arsenic J. Robert Oppeheimer and Robert Downey Jr. won his first Oscar for champion supporting character arsenic Lewis Strauss successful nan film.  The movie besides won awards for champion movie editing, cinematography, and champion original score. 

Emma Stone won champion character for her starring domiciled successful “Poor Things,” which snagged 3 different awards for champion costume design, accumulation design, and constitution and hairstyling. Da’Vine Joy Randolph won champion supporting character for “The Holdovers.” 

Plus, a Kenergetic capacity and spectacle: Ryan Gosling, successful a pinkish sparkly suit and sunglasses, received a opinionated ovation aft performing “I’m Just Ken’’ from nan movie “Barbie.” And successful a memorable presenters’ bit, John Cena presented an grant astir naked.

Read our sum from past night’s ceremonial and a database of afloat winners here.

Conservatives are furious, but they’re not threatening Speaker Johnson’s job

Mike Johnson astatine nan U.S. CapitolKent Nishimura / Getty Images

House conservatives are angry astir nan authorities backing measure negotiated by Speaker Mike Johnson that passed done Congress past week, calling it a betrayal of Republican promises to reshape nan national budget. House Freedom Caucus Chair Bob Good, R-Va., has blasted nan first of 2 backing packages and said he doesn’t expect a amended woody successful nan 2nd one, which must walk by March 22 to debar a partial authorities shutdown. “Because nan speaker doesn’t want to do that. He conscionable wants to walk what nan Senate wants truthful that we debar immoderate conflict,” Good told NBC News, saying that Johnson, R-La., wants to “join hands pinch nan Dems” to “increase spending” and output “no argumentation wins.”

But successful a twist, they aren’t threatening to oust Johnson from his Speaker position. And Democrats are happy to spot Johnson broadside pinch nan mostly of his convention and against nan acold correct connected backing nan government. 

The displacement successful mindset indicates that reality is mounting successful for those who came into nan caller GOP mostly pinch expectations of bending Congress to their will. But they’re recognizing that galore of their Republican colleagues don’t support nan spending cuts they want, and are beginning to uncertainty that immoderate speaker tin alteration that. 

Palace says Princess Kate edited photograph pinch her 3 children and apologizes ‘for immoderate confusion’ caused

 MANDATORY KILL-BRITAIN-ROYALSPrince of Wales / Kensington Palace / AFP - Getty Images

Kate, Britain’s Princess of Wales, has issued an apology for “any confusion” caused by an edited photograph which was issued by her office, Kensington Palace, connected Sunday.

Photo agencies had yesterday put retired notices not to usage nan first photograph of Kate that Kensington Palace released since she had an unspecified abdominal room backmost successful January complete concerns it had been digitally altered. The agencies said “the source” may person “manipulated” nan image.

 In nan photo, which nan palace said was taken by Prince William, Kate is seen smiling while posing pinch their children, Princes George and Louis and Princess Charlotte.

“Like galore amateur photographers, I do occasionally research pinch editing,” said a connection connected Monday which was signed “C,” apparently denoting that it was written by Kate, whose afloat sanction is Catherine. “I wanted to definitive my apologies for immoderate disorder nan family photograph we shared yesterday caused.”

The rollout for over-the-counter Narcan is inconsistent

Photo illustration of Narcan nasal spray adjacent to a representation of nan United States pinch crippled points of wherever Narcan was recovered successful pharmacies.Chelsea Stahl / NBC News

It was a glimmer of dream amid America’s raging opioid epidemic. Narcan, nan nasal spray that tin almost instantaneously reverse a perchance deadly opioid overdose, was going to beryllium disposable complete nan antagonistic successful stores, easy to find and easy to buy.

In a long-awaited move, nan Food and Drug Administration cleared nan antidote for over-the-counter usage successful March 2023, and successful September nan $45 two-dose boxes were shipped crossed nan country. Prior to that, Narcan, aliases naloxone nasal spray, was distributed for free astatine organization wellness centers and was besides disposable via prescription.

NBC News visited 64 stores successful 15 states and Washington, D.C., complete 3 weeks successful February looking for over-the-counter Narcan, including awesome concatenation supplier stores, independent pharmacies, supermarkets, big-box chains, convenience stores and state stations. Our reporters recovered that contempt nan initiative, buying Narcan isn’t ever easy.

Young men opportunity they were drugged, kidnapped and robbed astatine Atlanta bars

Jace Curry poses for a image adjacent to a reflector reflecting himKendrick Brinson for NBC News

Eight men successful a able Atlanta vicinity opportunity they mislaid consciousness and were robbed of thousands of dollars while retired astatine bars from November 2021 to past month, according to 2 conversations pinch six of nan men and constabulary reports revenge by 2 others. 

They opportunity they judge they were drugged earlier their phones were utilized to transportation sums of money retired of their slope accounts and their in installments cards were utilized to make fraudulent purchases, according to accusation nan victims shared pinch NBC News and constabulary records. 

After NBC News reported astir an incident astatine nan aforesaid bar, Fives Paces Inn, in February, additional alleged victims reached retired pinch akin accounts. NBC News recovered different alleged victims done societal media and nationalist records requests to nan Atlanta Police Department focusing connected respective section bars.

In 1 case, Chandler Rebel, said he was robbed of astir $13,000 aft visiting Five Paces Inn pinch friends. The past point he remembers astatine nan barroom was ordering drinks earlier concisely coming to successful nan backmost spot of a conveyance while being restrained by an chartless person. Rebel and the 5 men who said pinch NBC News described blackouts connected nan nights of their incidents that they said did not lucifer nan effects of alcohol.

U.S. forces adhd information astatine embassy successful Haiti and evacuate nonessential personnel

The U.S subject said that it has flown successful forces to amp up information successful nan U.S. Embassy successful Haiti to let non basal unit to leave. The vicinity astir nan embassy successful nan capital, Port-au-Prince, is mostly controlled by gangs. Haiti’s embattled premier minister, Ariel Henry, traveled to Kenya to push for nan U.N.-backed deployment of a constabulary unit from nan East African state to conflict nan gangs, but a Kenyan tribunal ruled that specified a deployment would beryllium unconstitutional. Henry, who faces calls to resign, remains incapable to return home.

It was observant to constituent retired that “no Haitians were connected committee nan subject aircraft,” successful nan connection released by nan U.S. Southern Command. That seemed aimed astatine quashing speculation that elder authorities officials mightiness beryllium leaving arsenic nan pack attacks successful Haiti worsened. The pack attacks person near nan state pinch dwindling supplies of basal goods. 

Politics successful Brief

 Israel-Hamas war: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu rejects President Joe Biden’s criticism that he’s “hurting Israel,” says that his policies person astir Israelis’ support. 

Meet nan Press: Sen. Lindsey Graham said during an question and reply connected NBC’s “Meet nan Press” that President Joe Biden has perpetuated “broken borders” and that “the world’s connected fire.” Graham besides questioned Biden’s intelligence fitness, calling connected him to “get successful a room pinch Donald Trump and debate.”

Supreme Court: Some critics opportunity that nan Supreme Court is selectively invoking a blimpish originalist approach after they ruled that states cannot disqualify Donald Trump from nan ballot for his domiciled successful Jan. 6. 

Biden’s re-election campaign: President Joe Biden’s re-election machine brought successful $10 cardinal successful 24 hours following his State of nan Union address.

Staff Pick: Former campers picture harsh preamble to Trails Carolina

Photo illustration of a cut-out silhouette of a young boy connected a photograph of nan Blue Ridge mountains area successful North Carolina.Chelsea Stahl / NBC News

It’s still unclear really a 12-year-old boy died past period connected his first nighttime astatine a wilderness campy for troubled younker called Trails Carolina. But erstwhile my workfellow Elizabeth Chuck and I said pinch complete a twelve erstwhile campers, they made 1 point clear: their first 24 hours were immoderate of nan astir traumatic. They said they were portion searched, had to publication humiliating letters astir themselves and were overwhelmed by nan odor of nan different unshowered campers. “I cognize if I had died connected my first night,” 1 erstwhile camper told us, “I would person died believing that I was unloved and unwanted.”

Tyler Kingkade, national investigative reporter

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  • Ariana Grande pleaded pinch fans to extremity sending “hateful messages” following nan merchandise of her newest album. 
  •  What began arsenic a measurement to bargain luxury shoes and performance tickets is becoming an mean tool that Gen Z and millennial shoppers usage for interaction lenses and trash bags.
  • Madonna called retired a instrumentality for sitting during 1 of her concerts earlier realizing they were really successful a wheelchair. 
  • Scarlett Johansson made a guest appearance connected “Saturday Night Live” in a parody of Sen. Katie Britt’s GOP consequence to Biden's State of nan Union.
  • All eyes will beryllium connected nan Paris Olympic this summertime — and also connected nan upwind forecast.
  • The bluish dragon oversea slug could beryllium an adorable visitant for outpouring break beachgoers — but rubbing them results successful a achy sting. 

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