Jason Kelce, Super Bowl champ and star Philadelphia Eagles center, retires

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Philadelphia Eagles halfway Jason Kelce announced his status from shot connected Monday, wrapping up a stellar 13-year profession that brought fame and notoriety rarely enjoyed by an violative lineman.

The 36-year-old Super Bowl champ, selected to his seventh Pro Bowl in January, is nan older relative of Travis Kelce, an all-time awesome tight extremity pinch nan Kansas City Chiefs who is now just arsenic good known arsenic Taylor Swift's boyfriend.

That relationship to nan world's astir celebrated popular prima helped make Jason Kelce 1 of football's astir identifiable interior linemen and hasn't wounded his bully broadside hustles arsenic a Madison Avenue pitchman and a successful podcaster.

When nan Eagles were knocked retired of nan playoffs by nan Tampa Bay Buccaneers connected Jan.15, speculation instantly began that Kelce would bent up his cleats.

And successful nan weeks that followed playoff elimination, Kelce appeared hell-bent connected having nosy and not being down successful nan dumps astir a difficult season’s end.

He thoroughly enjoyed nan remainder of January and Super Bowl Sunday connected Feb. 11, partying — not ever afloat clothed — astatine nan playoff games of his relative Travis.

When nan Chiefs hit nan Buffalo Bills successful nan convention semifinals connected Jan. 21, Kelce's enactment successful nan stands — to thief 8-year-old Ella Piazza gain a brief-but-memorable assemblage pinch Swift  — was almost arsenic memorable arsenic immoderate play connected nan field.

Kelce's shirtless antics weren't wholly embraced by his wife, Kylie Kelce.

“I’m like, ‘Hey I’m conscionable letting you cognize what’s happening. I’m not asking for permission, I’m doing this,'” he said connected “New Heights,” nan deed podcast he co-hosts pinch Travis.

After Kansas City's thrilling overtime triumph against nan San Francisco 49ers astatine nan Super Bowl connected Feb. 15, Jason Kelce stole nan show again, this clip astatine nan Chiefs' post-game party.

He donned a Mexican wrestling mask which led to respective viral videos. While Swift and Travis Kelce danced and hugged successful 1 specified clip, Jason Kelce was shown a fewer feet away, wildly gyrating adjacent to a reveler successful a marshmallow mask.

“It’s a very beardown dichotomy of, connected this side, 2 group successful emotion and enjoying nan infinitesimal together, panning to a complete Neanderthal — who is nary longer connected pinch modern-day society,” Jason Kelce said connected "New Heights."

To non-football fans, Kelce is simply nan subordinate who shoves a shot betwixt his legs to Eagles backmost Jalen Hurts, triggering each Philadelphia play connected offense.

But arsenic center, Kelce has nan important occupation of identifying nan defense's impending onslaught and quickly adjusting Philadelphia's blocking strategy to lucifer it.

Kelce is besides astatine nan literal and metaphoric halfway of Philadelphia's famed "tush push" play, erstwhile he ushers a wide of greenish humanity charging guardant to prime up 1 gait aliases less. With Kelce starring nan way, different players statement up down Hurts and push nan QB guardant pinch nan ball.

As silly arsenic nan play's sanction is and seemingly minimal its gain, nan "tush push" is 1 of football's most well known and arguable moves.

It's often called connected fourth-and 1, meaning if nan Eagles don't summation 36 inches of existent estate, they suffer possession. Critics of nan play declare it doesn't lucifer shot and could beryllium vulnerable for players.

“Listen, prohibition it. I really, astatine this point, I don’t care,” Kelce said during a December section of "New Heights."

Jason Kelce grew up successful Cleveland Heights, Ohio, and played assemblage football astatine Cincinnati before being taken by nan Eagles successful nan sixth information of nan 2011 NFL Draft.

He's endeared himself to Philadelphia's notoriously tough-to-please instrumentality guidelines pinch his capacity betwixt nan lines and fun-loving, off-the-field persona.

The Associated Press named Kelce football's champion halfway successful nan 2017 season, which culminated successful nan 2018 Super Bowl that was won successful melodramatic fashion by Philadelphia complete nan New England Patriots.

Adding to his Philadelphia lore, Kelce donned a “Mummers” costume — a beloved tradition of Philadelphia celebrations — while chugging beers and giving a profane triumph reside astatine nan Eagles' 2018 Super Bowl triumph parade.

Kelce helped nan Eagles to different Super Bowl, conscionable past year, but Philadelphia fell short successful different title-game thriller, this clip to brother Travis and the Kansas City Chiefs.

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