Jan. 6 defendant dubbed 'Conan O'Riot' by online sleuths pleads guilty

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WASHINGTON — A colonial-clad Capitol rioter — dubbed "Conan O'Riot" because of his resemblance to erstwhile precocious nighttime talk show big Conan O'Brien — pleaded blameworthy to a Jan. 6 complaint connected Tuesday.

Derek Nelson, a 30-year-old erstwhile Marine, was arrested successful Illinois successful October 2023, much than 2 years aft he was identified by online "sedition hunters" who person aided nan FBI successful cases against hundreds of defendants.

Nelson pleaded blameworthy to a count of entering and remaining successful a restricted building, which carries a maximum condemnation of 1 twelvemonth successful prison. U.S. District Judge Carl J. Nichols accepted Nelson's blameworthy plea and group his sentencing proceeding for June 13.

Redhead dubbed 'Conan O'Riot' by Jan. 6 sleuths arrested by FBI.Derek Nelson astatine nan Capitol connected Jan. 6, 2021.U.S. Attorney's Office for nan District of Columbia

As portion of his plea agreement, Nelson said that he "wore a assemblage bluish peacoat pinch golden buttons, a tricorn hat, a reddish shirt, a achromatic neckscarf, black-and-red gloves, and khaki pants" connected Jan. 6 and "had besides brought pinch him a pinkish respirator and goggles, which he later donned." Nelson besides admitted that he "came to D.C. prepared for nan anticipation of violence."

He added that earlier storming nan Capitol he told personification he was location to "start a revolution."

Nelson further admitted successful his plea that he "attempted to body-check" an officer's shield arsenic nan serviceman was retreating from nan rioters arsenic they made their measurement towards nan building. "The serviceman dropped nan shield, which Nelson assisted different rioter successful picking up; nan different rioter charged up now holding nan shield," he admitted successful a connection of offense.

Redhead dubbed 'Conan O'Riot' by Jan. 6 sleuths arrested by FBI
Derek Nelson, 2nd from right, successful a state disguise successful footage from wrong nan Capitol building connected Jan. 6, 2021. U.S. Attorney's Office for nan District of Columbia

The lawsuit against Nelson's co-defendant, Derek Dodder, is still pending. As portion of his plea agreement, Nelson said that while wrong nan Capitol, Dodder patted him connected nan enarthrosis "in a congratulatory fashion" and filmed officers below.

"Hurt ‘em. We wounded ‘em boys," Nelson said, successful a infinitesimal that was captured connected video by a documentary videographer.

Nelson yet made it adjacent to nan main entranceway to nan House chamber, wherever rioters had smashed a window. As officers wrong nan enclosure drew their weapons, Rep. Troy Nehls, R-Texas, told chap Donald Trump supporters done nan surgery model that they should beryllium "ashamed" and that he'd "been successful rule enforcement successful Texas for 30 years" but "never had group enactment this way."

More than 1,300 defendants person been charged successful relationship pinch nan onslaught connected nan Capitol, and prosecutors person secured much than 900 convictions and sentences ranging from short periods of probation up to 22 years successful national prison. New arrests proceed to roll in, and cases proceed to make their measurement done nan tribunal system.

On Friday, a assemblage convicted Michael Sparks, a Trump protagonist whipped up connected nan erstwhile president's 2020 predetermination lies, who became nan very first rioter to breach nan Capitol building connected Jan. 6.

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