Inside Israel’s allegations against U.N. workers in Gaza

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The UNRWA allegations people a caller debased successful a fraught narration betwixt Israel and nan U.N. that has further deteriorated since nan commencement of nan war.

Israeli officials person agelong campaigned for UNRWA to beryllium disbanded. A caller UNRWA study besides alleged Palestinian detainees were physically and sexually abused successful Israeli custody, while a abstracted U.N. study recovered “convincing” grounds that Israeli hostages successful Gaza person been raped.

NBC News takes a look astatine nan UNRWA allegations:

Israel’s allegation: Staffers participated successful Oct. 7 attacks

In precocious January, Israel accused 12 UNRWA staffers of engagement successful nan attacks, according to UNRWA and Israeli officials’ nationalist statements. In nan pursuing days, UNRWA said 2 of those 12 were confirmed dead, though it’s not clear really they died., though it’s not clear really they died.

The number later grew to 13, according to a negotiated memo known arsenic nan “UNRWA File,” first referenced by Israeli Foreign Minister Israel Katz during nan Munich Security Conference successful February.

According to a transcript of nan 13-page document, Israel alleges that six staffers infiltrated Israel connected Oct. 7, while different 4 are said to person helped kidnap Israelis. The memo alleges 3 labor were summoned by matter connection nan time earlier nan attacks to “arrive equipped astatine nan assembly point.” 

In summation to those 13, nan memo says that “at slightest 1 UNRWA worker supplied logistical support to nan infiltration onslaught and an further worker was directed to found an OPS room connected Oct. 8,” referring to an operations room.

Israel’s defense curate later raised nan number of those allegedly progressive further, saying much than 30 UNRWA labor either killed Israeli civilians, kidnapped soldiers aliases helped detain them.

What Israel says: 

In mid-February, Israel’s subject identified nan 12 staffers initially accused of involvement, including their photos, dates of commencement and occupation titles. Israel named 2 that it said were recovered aliases arrested wrong Israel.

The disclosure included a photograph and CCTV footage Israel said showed 1 of nan staffers, an UNRWA societal worker, wrong Kibbutz Be’eri connected Oct. 7 helping move nan limp assemblage of an Israeli into a Jeep.

NBC News verified nan location of nan CCTV footage arsenic Kibbutz Be’eri, but can’t independently corroborate nan identities of nan staffers named by Israel.

An intelligence dossier containing what Israel says is further grounds was besides transmitted to nan U.S. and different allies, but has not been made public.

Last week, Israel’s subject besides released 2 telephone recordings it says further beryllium UNRWA staffers’ involvement.

In one, a man Israel says was an UNRWA coach says successful Arabic, “We person female captives” and “I captured one.” In nan different recording, different man besides identified by Israel arsenic an UNRWA coach says, “I’m wrong pinch nan Jews.” 

NBC News can’t independently corroborate who is speaking successful nan recordings, aliases whether these were edited.

What nan U.N. says:

On Jan. 26, U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said he was “horrified” by nan allegations and instantly launched an investigation.

UNRWA said it instantly fired 10 of nan 12 staffers initially accused by Israel who were still alive. It has promised that anyone progressive successful coercion “will beryllium held accountable, including done criminal prosecution.” 

UNRWA said Israel hadn’t presented it pinch immoderate grounds substantiating that much than 30 staffers were involved. It noted that this number would beryllium a mini fraction of nan agency’s astir 13,000 staffers successful Gaza.