Inside Election Conspiracy Groups on Super Tuesday

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Super Tuesday was a blowout for erstwhile President Donald Trump, who won 14 retired of 15 states. And yet, Trump’s astir ardent supporters who judge that each votes and elections are now irredeemably fraudulent, spent nan time boosting chaotic conspiracies online, predicting what would hap successful November, and guessing really their perceived enemies will conspire to conclusion Trump.

Voting authorities groups reported very fewer issues impacting Super Tuesday voters, but that didn’t extremity members of predetermination denial groups. Instead, they grasped onto thing they could find that seemingly indicated a expansive predetermination conspiracy. Accusations of fraud trickled successful slow connected Tuesday earlier exploding astir 10.30 americium erstwhile users of Facebook, Instagram, and Threads each recovered retired that nan platforms were offline.

Rather than hold to find retired nan existent reasons—which turned retired to beryllium a technical rumor that Meta fixed wrong 90 minutes—members of predetermination denial groups and conspiracy channels connected Telegram quickly claimed foul.

“Today is Super Tuesday and almost each azygous awesome tech level is down,” 1 predetermination denial influencer wrote connected Telegram. “That is not a coincidence…The very meaning of a “Dry-Run” is simply a rehearsal of a capacity aliases process earlier nan existent one.” They past claimed that nan truth X (formerly Twitter), Telegram, and Truth Social remained online was “evidence” that these platforms “may very good beryllium nan only ones disposable connected Election Day.”

The belief that nan Meta outage was planned was shared wide connected aggregate platforms including X and pro-Trump connection boards for illustration The Donald. “Practice tally for November?” wrote Rogan O’Handley, a awesome far–right influencer pinch 1.4 cardinal followers, successful a station connected X that has been viewed complete 3 cardinal times.

“They are practicing shutting down communication, truthful you don’t study predetermination fraud,” a personification of The Donald wrote successful a thread.

Other influencers spent nan time harkening backmost to 2020 predetermination fraud claims. In nan Telegram transmission tally by David Clements, 1 of nan most influential predetermination denial figures to look since 2020, nan time began pinch nan nationalist merchandise of a movie he made astir nan 2020 statesmanlike predetermination being stolen.

As nan time progressed, Clements shared Super Tuesday conspiracies, including an unsubstantiated declare that voters received an correction connection erstwhile they tried to ballot successful Dallas.

The declare was based connected a image first posted by a writer for nan conspiracy website nan Gateway Pundit. However, predetermination integrity group Common Cause pointed retired successful a station connected X that nan image wasn’t really showing a voting machine, but what's called an "emergency drawer.”

“It is simply a locked, unafraid ballot receptacle to shop and scan ballots ensuring they're included successful nan polling place's count astatine nan extremity of nan day,” nan group explained.

But connected Telegram, specified explanations were not seen aliases were different ignored. “Keep watching & pointing retired their corruption everyone,” 1 Clements protagonist wrote.

Later successful nan day, news collapsed that Taylor Swift had urged her 282 cardinal Instagram followers to “vote nan group who astir correspond YOU into power.” This, unsurprisingly, was mocked by nan predetermination denial groups, arsenic nan popstar was erstwhile again accused of being portion of a psyop.