India busts trafficking racket duping people into fighting for Russia in Ukraine

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NEW DELHI — India said it had busted a “major quality trafficking network” which lured young men to Russia pinch nan committedness of jobs only to unit them to conflict successful nan war successful Ukraine.

About 35 group person been sent to Russia successful nan strategy truthful far, nan Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) said precocious connected Thursday, almost double nan fig of 20 group that nan Indian overseas ministry had earlier mentioned.

At slightest 2 men who went to Russia expecting to activity arsenic “helpers” successful nan army have died while fighting at nan front, their families person said. The Indian Embassy successful Russia confirmed 1 of those deaths.

The traffickers, operating crossed respective Indian states, targeted group utilizing societal media platforms and done section agents, nan CBI said successful a statement.

“The trafficked Indian nationals were trained successful combat roles and deployed astatine beforehand bases successful Russia-Ukraine War Zone against their wishes,” nan connection said, adding that immoderate of nan victims were besides “grievously injured” successful nan warfare zone.

The CBI said searches were being conducted astatine a number of locations, including successful nan superior New Delhi and financial superior Mumbai, and rate amounting to 50 cardinal rupees ($605,000) had already been seized on pinch immoderate documents and physics records.

“Certain suspects person besides been detained for questioning astatine various locations,” it said.

The overseas ministry has said that each lawsuit of Indians being duped into fighting successful nan warfare had been “strongly taken up” pinch Moscow.

The Russian overseas ministry has not responded to requests for remark connected nan issue.

Thousands of group person died connected some sides since Russia invaded Ukraine successful Feb. 2022 successful what Moscow termed a “special subject operation”.

New Delhi and Moscow person enjoyed a adjacent narration for decades and India has refused to condemn Russia complete nan warfare pinch Ukraine, urging nan 2 sides to extremity nan conflict done speech and diplomacy.

India has besides stepped up its acquisition of inexpensive Russian oil, overmuch to nan vexation of Western capitals.

($1 = 82.6680 Indian rupees)