Illegally imported goose intestines hidden under rattlesnakes, federal authorities say

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NEW YORK — Six group were arrested successful New York connected Tuesday connected charges of illegally importing goose and duck intestines from China, successful immoderate cases by hiding them nether packaged rattlesnakes aliases mislabeling them arsenic pet grooming products connected customs forms, national officials announced.

The scheme, which besides included forbidden imports of duck humor and hawthorn fruit, progressive transporting nan restricted nutrient items from China to California and past connected to New York, wherever they were sold to customers, including restaurants, authorities said successful a title revenge Monday.

The six, who were expected to look successful national tribunal successful Brooklyn later Tuesday, are charged pinch importing, storing and trading hundreds of pounds of forbidden nutrient items betwixt August 2022 and May 2023. Messages seeking remark were sent to their attorneys.

snack nutrient forbidden nutrient shipmentsPackaged snake nutrient that was recovered successful an forbidden shipment successful New York of duck and goose intestines from China, successful Nov. 2022.US Attorney's Office, EDNY via AP file

Federal rule prohibits importing immoderate earthy poultry products from China, and hawthorn consequence from China is besides restricted, nan authorities said.

According to nan complaint, 1,966 cartons of goose and duck intestines were shipped successful August 2022 from China to nan Port of Long Beach, wherever they were identified arsenic nail clippers and different pet grooming products connected customs forms.

The cartons were dropped disconnected astatine Los Angeles International Airport and flown to John F. Kennedy International Airport successful New York via a awesome U.S. aerial carrier’s cargo service, national officials said.

Another shipment of forbidden poultry products successful November 2022 was incorrectly branded arsenic stiff seafood, and immoderate of nan restricted items were concealed nether packages of dormant rattlesnakes, nan authorities said.

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