I Tried Aescape's Robot-Arm-Powered Massage Table—and Loved Being in Control

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I had My first-ever master massage past December during a spa time pinch immoderate friends. Everyone opted for a accepted massage, which required a preliminary consultation. They disrobed, and nan massage took spot successful a backstage room. I opted for a shiatsu massage—a clothed acquisition successful a semiprivate area, and while I felt physically relaxed afterward, I didn't person nan champion time. My limbs were stretched painfully excessively far, and I couldn't hold for it to beryllium over.

So I was intrigued erstwhile I learned astir Aescape, a afloat automated massage table. The contraption is equipped pinch 2 robot arms connected each broadside of nan array and will beryllium correct astatine location successful immoderate sci-fi flick's aesculapian introspection room. I wouldn't opportunity it gives disconnected zen vibes, but I was consenting to look past nan tech because it offers complete privacy—there's nary different quality successful nan room during your massage.

The full acquisition is designed to beryllium on-demand. Using Aescape's companion app, you tin browse different massage options and book a convention based connected disposable tables successful your area. I tried it retired astatine Aescape's office successful New York City, and nan institution has collaborated pinch Equinox to motorboat its massage tables successful 10 locations crossed New York City successful May. (You don't person to beryllium an Equinox personnel to motion up for a session.) The institution didn't specify erstwhile aliases if nan acquisition will travel to different cities successful nan US, but it says it plans to adhd different locations specified arsenic hotels and spas successful nan future. Each convention starts astatine $60.

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Robot Engaged

Photograph: Aescape

An Aescape massage has nan aforesaid setup process nary matter which location you book. Once I arrived, I had to alteration into Aerware—the company's civilization apparel built specially for nan massage—to deterioration during nan session. This helps nan extent sensors overhead spot your assemblage and guarantees a level of clash erstwhile nan touch sensors, called “Aerpoints,” travel successful interaction pinch it. It felt for illustration modular workout wear, truthful it was comfortable passim nan entirety of nan massage.

Once I changed my clothes, I laic down connected nan massage table, rested my caput connected nan look cradle, and was greeted by a touchscreen show that prompted maine to prime a massage. At launch, Aescape will connection 20 massage programs pinch much to travel later successful nan year. Some will attraction connected diversion recovery, while others will target wide wellness. I was only capable to effort nan Total Back and Glutes massage for my demo.

The adjacent measurement is simply a assemblage scan. Directly supra nan massage array are infrared sensors that seizure a 3D computational exemplary of nan body. Aescape says this generates complete 1.1 cardinal 3D information points that accurately representation your body’s position and place cardinal areas for nan targeted massage. Basically, it's what helps nan Aerpoints cognize precisely wherever they are comparative to your body.