Hungary's leader claims Trump told him he would cut off U.S. military aid to Ukraine

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Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said successful a caller interview that erstwhile President Donald Trump told him he would trim disconnected U.S. subject assistance to Ukraine successful an effort to extremity its conflict pinch Russia.

Orbán said successful an question and reply pinch a state-run media statement successful Hungary, M1, published overnight, that Trump's scheme is to "not springiness a penny" to Ukraine, stating that nan state "cannot guidelines connected its ain feet." NBC News reached retired to nan Trump campaign, which did not respond to a petition for remark for complete 24 hours.

“He has a very clear imagination that is difficult to disagree with. He says nan following: First of all, he will not springiness a penny successful nan Ukrainian-Russian war. That is why nan warfare will end, because it is evident that Ukraine cannot guidelines connected its ain feet," Orbán said. "If nan Americans don’t springiness money and weapons, on pinch nan Europeans, past nan warfare is over. And if nan Americans don’t springiness money, nan Europeans unsocial are incapable to finance this war. And past nan warfare is over.”

Trump, who has many times asserted that nan conflict would ne'er person happened nether his watch, suggested successful nan past that he's not successful favour of assisting Ukraine take sides itself against Russia. In February, for example, Trump said, without specifically naming Ukraine, "No money in nan shape of overseas assistance should beryllium fixed to immoderate state unless it is done arsenic a loan."

Orbán comments travel aft he visited Trump astatine his Mar-a-Lago estate past Friday. The erstwhile president told those gathered astatine his Palm Beach nine that location is “nobody that’s better, smarter aliases a amended leader than Viktor Orban.”

As Hungary's leader, Orbán has mostly been captious of providing aid, including weapons to Ukraine, and has resisted nan description of NATO. Earlier this year, however, Hungary dropped its opposition to allowing nan European Union to usage its fund to springiness Ukraine a $54 assistance package.

Meanwhile, nan Biden management has been waiting for Congress to o.k. authorities to supply further assistance to Ukraine. House Republican leaders person truthful acold decided not to bring specified a measurement to nan level for a vote, though past week NBC News reported Speaker Mike Johnson, R-La., and nan chairmen of cardinal House committees dealing pinch nationalist information are moving to create their ain Ukraine assistance package.

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