How Trump is shaping Super Tuesday primaries for both parties: From the Politics Desk

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Welcome to nan online type of From nan Politics Desk, an evening newsletter that brings you nan NBC News Politics team’s latest reporting and study from nan run trail, nan White House and Capitol Hill.

In today’s edition, elder authorities editor Scott Bland and campaign embed Katherine Koretski study connected really Donald Trump is influencing nan early of some parties. Plus, nationalist governmental correspondent Steve Kornacki explains why moreover Nikki Haley's best-case Super Tuesday script won't get her overmuch person to nan GOP nomination.

Trump has remade nan GOP. He’s shaping nan Democratic Party’s future, too.

By Scott Bland and Katherine Koretski

Joe Biden, 81, precocious answered questions astir his property by calling Donald Trump, 77, a leader of nan past. “It’s astir really aged your ideas are,” Biden said connected “Late Night pinch Seth Meyers.” 

But successful astatine slightest 1 cardinal respect, Trump is very overmuch nan future. He is shaping nan guidance of not only nan Republican Party, but nan Democratic Party — and you tin spot it each complete nan ballot astir nan state connected Super Tuesday.

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While Trump tries to wrap up nan GOP statesmanlike nominating fight, down-ballot primaries are kicking off successful galore states today. And nan erstwhile president’s king-making powerfulness is connected show successful each sorts of Republican primaries, from nan U.S. Senate down to authorities legislative races. It’s besides eye-opening to recognize really Trump’s power is shaping nan Democratic Party, which has organized itself successful guidance to nan erstwhile president successful caller years.

Take a look astatine conscionable a fewer of nan states holding primaries today:

California: The starring Democrat successful nan Senate polls, Rep. Adam Schiff, roseate to nationalist prominence connected nan near arsenic 1 of Trump’s impeachment investigators and antagonists successful Congress.

“The measurement that he took connected Trump fearlessly was — I deliberation we request to do much of that arsenic Democrats,” said Megan Penrose, 1 of respective Schiff voters astatine a Sunday arena successful San Francisco who referred to his speeches during Trump’s first impeachment. The different main Democratic contender in nan Senate race, Rep. Katie Porter, was elected successful nan 2018 backlash activity against Trump.

Texas: Trump has leapt into authorities Attorney General Ken Paxton’s revenge tour, helping his state backmost superior challenges against authorities lawmakers who supported Paxton’s impeachment connected corruption charges past year. That includes targeting nan powerful Republican authorities House speaker.

Meanwhile, nan starring Democratic campaigner for Senate, Rep. Colin Allred, was different 2018 activity winner, flipping a spot that was ne'er expected to beryllium competitory — until Trump upended nan suburbs.

North Carolina: Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson, nan GOP’s likely nominee for governor, reflects Trump’s style of politics, stirring support wrong his statement pinch a drawstring of arguable comments complete nan years. And Republican primaries successful nan state’s galore unfastened House districts characteristic a bevy of candidates trying to beryllium themselves arsenic nan astir Trump-friendly of nan pack.

And Super Tuesday is only nan commencement of months of primaries for Senate, House, politician and section offices. With each successive contest, Trump’s domiciled shaping American authorities grows.

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Haley’s best-case Super Tuesday script still wouldn’t beryllium enough

Analysis by Steve Kornacki

There are astir 900 delegates up for grabs successful today’s Republican primaries and caucuses. But unless she someway engineers monolithic upset victories successful aggregate states, Nikki Haley stands to cod only a pittance of them.

To exemplify what she’s up against, I put together a unsmooth estimate of Haley’s best- and worst-case delegate scenarios coming pinch my colleagues Ben Kamisar and Adam Noboa:

As you tin see, nan scope from Haley’s champion cases to her worst isn’t that big. This is simply a usability of nan rules, arsenic galore of nan delegate contests coming are efficaciously winner-take-all, and nan demographics, arsenic galore of nan states that are voting conscionable don’t person a ton of nan college-educated, higher-income suburbanites she’s been leaning heavy on.

Realistically, nan best-case script for Haley would look thing for illustration this:

* A triumph successful Vermont, a deep-blue authorities pinch an unfastened primary, successful which Trump received only 32% of nan ballot successful 2016.

* A triumph successful Virginia, wherever nan bluish D.C. suburbs and nan Richmond metro area supply her pinch a bounty of perchance friends suburbanites.

* Strong showings successful Colorado, Minnesota and North Carolina, wherever delegates are apt to beryllium awarded connected a proportional basis.

 * Maybe moreover successful a triumph successful Massachusetts, wherever nan (small) halfway Republican electorate is pro-Trump, but wherever independents (60% of nan state’s wide elector pool) tin participate.

The problem for Haley is that moreover if she achieves each of this, it would only adhd up to conscionable complete 100 delegates. Meanwhile, Trump seems poised to expanse done Alabama, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Tennessee and Texas — states pinch very blimpish electorates, nary shortage of working-class and agrarian achromatic voters, and rules that make them functionally winner-take-all (or adjacent to all). 

He’s besides good positioned successful nan caucus states of Alaska and Utah, on pinch Maine, different fundamentally winner-take-all superior pinch a dense attraction of rural, working-class voters.

These states could nett Trump thing approaching 500 delegates. And past adhd to that nan motherlode: California, a closed superior (meaning location are nary independents aliases Democrats for Haley to propulsion from) wherever a elemental mostly is capable to triumph each 169 delegates.

What it takes coming for Haley to proceed pinch her candidacy is up to her. Perhaps if she wins a mates of states, she’ll constituent to it arsenic a instruction to proceed, moreover if she is swamped successful nan wide delegate count. But if she wants to look claiming she has moreover a distant way to nan GOP nomination, it will require outright wins successful aggregate states that, connected paper, look rather dispute to her. 

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