How to Use Apple’s Check In Feature in iOS 17 (2024)

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  1. Open nan Messages app.
  2. Open nan matter model pinch nan personification you sent nan Check In to.
  3. Tap connected nan Check In model wrong nan connection thread. Tap Details, past Add Time, and prime 1 of nan disposable options.

How to Cancel a Check In

Whether it's because you've arrived astatine your destination aliases you conscionable want to extremity nan session, you tin cancel it whenever you want. To cancel a Check In:

  1. Open nan Messages app.
  2. Open nan speech pinch who you're utilizing Check In with.
  3. Tap connected nan Check In window, pat Details, and past pat Cancel Check In.

What About nan Find My App?

Check In is somewhat akin to Find My—in summation to search items and devices, Apple's location search app allows you to stock your location pinch those adjacent to you and vice versa. You tin besides extremity sharing your location whenever you'd like. It's accessible wrong nan Messages app, too.

But location are a fewer awesome differences. For starters, Find My gives you nan action to stock your location for 1 hour, until nan extremity of nan day, indefinitely. You tin besides travel nan travel successful existent time. Check In only pinpoints nan destination connected nan map.

Unlike Check In, Find My doesn't travel pinch nan aforesaid information features for illustration prompts erstwhile you've gone disconnected track, nan way traveled, specifications connected artillery life, and nan aforementioned specifications above. Those you stock your location pinch will besides person to perpetually cheque nan Find My app to spot your status.

Those you're sharing your location pinch via Find My won't person updates aliases an ETA connected your journey. Plus, you person much power complete nan magnitude of information you stock pinch Check In (like location versus time). It's a amended action for those who want nan expertise to spot someone's location astatine a glimpse erstwhile necessary.