How to Open Spotify Links If You Aren’t a Spotify User

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Spotify dominates the euphony industry. This becomes really evident if you don't usage Spotify: You extremity up being sent, and inevitably clicking on, Spotify links each nan time. It happens connected societal media, yes, but besides successful matter exchanges pinch friends, successful emails, and successful DMs. The thought is simply a bully one; personification enjoyed a portion of euphony and wanted to stock it pinch you. The problem, though, is that nan Spotify nexus is mostly useless if you don't usage Spotify.

What if you usage different streaming apps, specified arsenic those offered by Apple, Amazon, and YouTube, to perceive to music? Are you doomed to hunt for nan track, album, aliases creator connected those services manually? Is that everlastingly your fate? Absolutely not. Here are a fewer devices that tin thief you move Spotify links into links for your preferred euphony service. (Just note, these devices will activity to find songs, artists, and albums crossed platforms, but since playlists are usually unsocial to each platform, these methods won't activity pinch civilization playlists.)

Google Chrome: An Extension to Automatically Redirect Links

If you usage Google Chrome aliases a compatible browser for illustration Microsoft Edge, nan browser hold Music Link tin automatically unfastened each Spotify links successful immoderate euphony app you like. Just instal nan hold and click its icon to configure it. Choose which euphony work you for illustration and you're done: Any Spotify nexus you get from now connected will redirect to your app of choice.

You tin optionally uncheck immoderate services you're good pinch getting links to. SoundCloud, for example, tends to fto you play euphony sloppy of whether you person an account, and a batch of its offerings aren't connected different platforms, truthful you mightiness arsenic good not redirect those links. For nan astir part, though, this is nan benignant of hold you tin instal and ne'er deliberation astir ever again.

iPhone and iPad: for Apple Shortcuts

Chrome extensions whitethorn not ever activity connected iPhones aliases iPads, but thankfully there's an Apple shortcut for redirecting Spotify links. Just transcript immoderate Spotify URL to nan clipboard past motorboat nan shortcut Song.Link. This will find nan URL successful your clipboard and connection you links to nan opus connected different platforms. There's moreover a YouTube link, which is adjuvant if you don't subscribe to immoderate streaming service.