How to Download Your TikTok Videos

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Next, an array of sharing options popular up. You tin take nan email action to nonstop nan record to yourself arsenic an attachment, aliases upload it to a unreality work for illustration Google Drive. To straight download nan file, swipe to nan extremity of nan “Share To” options and pat More. There will beryllium moreover much options. Look for options that let you to prevention nan video locally.

On Android, nan champion action for redeeming it to your telephone will beryllium branded “Files by Google.” Tap this icon to download nan video to your phone, past usage Android’s built-in Files app to browse your downloads. On iOS, look for nan action “Save to Files,” past take to prevention nan video either successful your device’s soul retention aliases successful your iCloud drive.

Download TikTok Videos to Your Computer

The simplest action for collecting your activity is to download nan videos from TikTok’s website aliases desktop app. This process is very easy compared to nan mobile option.

Go to your favourite video connected and correct click connected it. If you’re looking astatine your ain video and you’re logged into your account, aliases if nan video’s creator has marked their posts arsenic downloadable, location will beryllium an action successful nan right-click paper that says “Download Video.”

Click that option.

Congrats, you’ve done it! The video will beryllium saved arsenic an .mp4 successful your downloads folder.

If you don’t spot nan action to download nan video erstwhile you correct click, that astir apt intends nan video’s creator hasn’t shared nan video publically aliases has chosen to disallow downloads.

Use Screen Record

It’s not nan tidiest option, but you tin besides grounds a transcript of nan video via surface grounds connected your phone. Screen grounds fundamentally takes a video screenshot; erstwhile turned on, it will grounds immoderate is playing connected your surface until you deed stop. Play nan TikTok clip while surface signaling and you’ll person a speedy and soiled transcript saved to your device.

You’ll request to play nan video each nan measurement done successful existent time. Keep successful mind that this will seizure everything that happens connected nan surface while you’re recording, truthful if a notification pops up aliases you swipe to different app, that will each beryllium successful nan video. It besides intends you’ll still spot each nan paper buttons and matter that are usually each astir nan edges of nan surface successful a TikTok video, truthful it won’t beryllium a perfectly cleanable transcript of nan video. But it’s amended than nothing.

You tin grounds your surface connected some iOS and connected Android phones pinch Android 11 aliases higher.

On iOS, spell into Settings, past Control Center. Tap nan greenish plus-sign Add fastener adjacent to nan Screen Recording option. This will adhd a small grey dot icon fastener to your homescreen. Tap that and Screen Recording will start.

On Android, swipe down from nan apical of your surface to bring up your notifications and settings screen. From there, you mightiness person to grow nan paper astatine apical and swipe done your settings widgets. Look for Screen Record. Tap that and you’ll person options to grounds instrumentality audio and whether to show touches connected nan screen. Tap commencement to record.

What’s With nan Watermark?

If you’ve downloaded your videos, you astir apt noticed nan faint TikTok watermark successful nan frame. This watermark will look successful immoderate videos you’ve published arsenic good arsenic successful videos you download from different creators. Unfortunately, there’s nary charismatic measurement to download a video straight from nan level aft it’s been posted without that watermark being applied. If a video is still successful your drafts successful nan TikTok app—meaning you’ve changeable and edited it but not posted it yet—you tin prime nan Save Video action and download a type of it without nan watermark.

In general, if you’re creating videos, your champion stake is to usage a abstracted video editing app to edit your video earlier posting it online. That measurement you’ll ever person nan original trim and not person to interest astir whether your distribution platform—and each your difficult work—is astir to abruptly spell poof.