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Joe Biden and Donald Trump will look each different again successful nan 2024 statesmanlike election. A measure that could consequence successful TikTok’s U.S. prohibition is poised to walk successful nan House. And “Dateline” analogous Keith Morrison reflects connected his stepson Matthew Perry’s death.  

Here’s what to cognize today.

Trump and Biden clinch nominations, mounting up a 2024 rematch

Former President Donald Trump was each but nan presumptive Republican statesmanlike nominee yesterday heading into superior races successful Georgia, Hawaii, Mississippi and Washington. By nan extremity of nan night, he secured capable delegates to seal nan nomination, mounting up a 2024 rematch pinch President Joe Biden, who besides secured capable delegates for nan Democratic information yesterday. 

Trump steamrolled done a Republican superior section that included erstwhile U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, businessman Vivek Ramaswamy, erstwhile Vice President Mike Pence and others. All were incapable to break Trump’s clasp connected nan Republican Party — contempt 4 criminal indictments against him and Trump’s refusal to prosecute successful Republican debates. Read more about Trump’s roadworthy to nan nomination. 

Hours earlier Trump secured nan Republican nomination, Biden clinched nan Democratic statesmanlike information — an result that hadn’t been overmuch successful uncertainty arsenic leaders for illustration California Gov. Gavin Newsom and Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer opted to beryllium retired of nan statesmanlike race.  

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Going into nan wide election, Biden is an underdog against Trump. His State of nan Union reside past week whitethorn person quelled immoderate voters’ concerns astir his age, but he’ll besides person to sway Democratic and independent voters who mostly don’t in installments him for nan beardown system and a drawstring of bipartisan bills he ushered done Congress. Read more about Biden’s roadworthy to nan information and nan rematch that awaits him.

More 2024 predetermination coverage: 

  • See afloat results for nan superior elections successful Georgia, Hawaii, Mississippi and Washington.
  • Independent statesmanlike campaigner Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is considering New York Jets backmost Aaron Rodgers and erstwhile Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura as imaginable moving mates
  • Abortion is simply a apical concern for Trump arsenic he considers his imaginable moving mates.

House expected to walk measure targeting TikTok

The House is poised to walk authorities coming that could prohibition TikTok successful nan U.S. arsenic Republicans and Democrats alike sound nan siren that nan celebrated video-sharing app is simply a nationalist information threat. It’s unclear whether nan measure will walk successful nan Senate (they’re still evaluating it), but if it does, President Joe Biden said he would motion it.

What precisely does nan authorities telephone for? The bill, dubbed nan Protecting Americans from Foreign Adversary Controlled Applications Act, would create a process for nan president, done nan FBI and intelligence agencies, to designate definite societal media applications nether nan power of overseas adversaries arsenic nationalist information threats. Once an app was deemed a risk, it would person 180 days to sever ties pinch entities nether power of overseas adversaries aliases it would beryllium banned. 

In TikTok’s case, a prohibition could travel quickly if Biden were to motion nan bill. FBI Director Christopher Wray has already testified that nan app poses a consequence to nationalist security, meaning genitor institution ByteDance would person to enactment quickly to divest nan app. 

Read nan afloat communicative here.

More connected nan projected legislation: 

  • Congress’ swift action aiming to prohibition TikTok successful nan U.S. intelligibly has to do pinch concerns astir China, NBC News main governmental expert Chuck Todd writes, but nan authorities will apt still let Americans’ information to beryllium disposable for manipulation and utilized for algorithms pinch small pubic insight. Read nan afloat study here.
  • Trump now opposes a TikTok prohibition contempt issuing an executive bid erstwhile he was president that sought to prohibition nan app. Some of his GOP allies have nary problem calling him out.
  • Who is Jeff Yass? What to cognize astir nan billionaire GOP philanthropist pinch stakes successful TikTok’s genitor company.

Alaska Airlines level was scheduled for attraction nan time doorway sheet flew off

The Alaska Airlines level that had a doorway sheet autumn disconnected midair successful January had been scheduled to acquisition attraction later that night, nan hose has confirmed. The New York Times reported yesterday that nan Boeing 737 Max 9 craft had been scheduled for a information cheque aft immoderate engineers and technicians became concerned, including astir a ray indicating problems pinch nan plane’s pressurization system. However, nan level was kept successful work pinch immoderate restrictions. Within minutes of Flight 1282 departing Portland connected Jan. 5, nan doorway plug blew out, and nan level returned to nan airport. 

Alaska Airlines said successful a connection that it is “confident successful our attraction and information actions leading up to nan incident.”  

Meanwhile, successful South Carolina, officials said a erstwhile Boeing value quality inspector who revenge a whistleblower title complete perchance “catastrophic” information failings was recovered dead

Where laid-off tech workers are ending up

Ash Yao, a erstwhile DocuSign relationship executive, said she ever wanted to beryllium an entrepreneur. When she was laid disconnected during nan e-signature firm’s 10% workforce simplification past year, she chose to spot her misfortune arsenic a “sign from nan universe” to travel her dreams. Now, her statement of ready-to-drink teas, Kace, is distributed nationwide. 

But for thousands of tech labor laid disconnected successful nan past year, nan bounce backmost hasn’t needfully been arsenic seamless arsenic Yao’s, and it surely hasn’t looked nan aforesaid for everyone. Some group person returned to nan companies that laid them off, immoderate are starting their ain ventures and immoderate person near nan industry. Others stay unemployed.

What’s clear, said Ayomi Samaraweera, who was laid disconnected from her tech occupation successful December 2022, is that nan days of tech being a “safe and secure” manufacture seems to beryllium a point of nan past. About 34,000 group were laid disconnected successful nan tech manufacture successful January, nan astir successful a azygous period since January 2023, erstwhile almost 90,000 group were fto go. Business and information analogous Brian Cheung looked at what happened aft tech workers mislaid their jobs.

Keith Morrison says stepson Matthew Perry was deprived of ‘his 3rd act’

Keith Morrison, nan seasoned “Dateline” analogous wide known for his wry, baritone voice, said he and his stepson, nan precocious character Matthew Perry, were “as they say, chalk and cheese.” Perry “had that benignant of very fiery personality,” he said, “and excavation is not for illustration that, arsenic you tin imagine.”

In opening up astir Perry’s unexpected decease connected an section of “TODAY” show co-host Hoda Kotb’s “Making Spaces” podcast, Morrison said his condolences is still earthy and he tin still consciousness “the echo” of Perry’s beingness successful his day-to-day life. Perry, who died successful October astatine nan property of 54, “didn’t get to person his 3rd act, and that’s not fair,” Morrison said. Here’s what other Morrison had to say.

Politics successful Brief

Ukraine aid: The White House will supply $300 million in further weapons to Ukraine arsenic much backing is held up successful Congress.

Trump trials: A national judge approved Donald Trump’s $91.63 cardinal bond in nan E. Jean Carroll defamation case, insulating him from immoderate effort to cod nan judgement while he appeals nan verdict. 

Supreme Court: A mini metropolis successful Oregon could shape how awesome U.S. cities grip homelessness, pinch nan Supreme Court group to perceive arguments adjacent period complete rules meant to limit encampments. 

GOP’s shrinking majority: Republican Rep. Ken Buck of Colorado, who already announced he would not activity re-election, said he will resign from Congress astatine nan extremity of adjacent week. 

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  • Royal and communications experts opportunity William and Kate whitethorn person wanted to support their privateness astir Kate’s wellness but alternatively mishandled nan situation and fueled a damaging photograph scandal.
  • A man was hospitalized pinch migraines caused by parasitic tapeworms. Researchers judge eating undercooked bacon was nan culprit.
  • Trader Joe’s $2.99 mini tote bags are trading for hundreds and taking complete TikTok.

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