House Republicans set date for public testimony from Hunter Biden

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WASHINGTON — The Republican-led House Oversight Committee said Wednesday that Hunter Biden has been invited to attest publically this period astatine a proceeding focused connected nan GOP impeachment enquiry into President Joe Biden.

It was not instantly clear whether nan president's boy had agreed to look astatine nan March 20 hearing. Sources told NBC News this week that arsenic of Monday nan 2 sides had not discussed a imaginable day for nationalist testimony.

Rep. James Comer, nan Oversight Committee chair, said successful a connection Wednesday that fixed nan president's son's "repeated calls for a nationalist hearing, I afloat expect Hunter Biden to look for a scheduled Oversight Committee proceeding connected March 20, alongside Biden family business associates."

The proceeding will "examine inconsistencies among nan witnesses’ testimonies successful bid to get nan truth for nan American people," Comer, R-Ky., said.

The committee besides invited Devon Archer, Jason Galanis and Tony Bobulinski — each erstwhile business associates of Hunter Biden — to attest connected March 20.

When Hunter Biden was provided grounds last week astatine a closed-door deposition connected Capitol Hill, he denied that his begetter had immoderate engagement pinch his business dealings. According to a transcript of nan deposition, Biden called Bobulinski, who he backed retired of doing a business woody with, "incompetent and an idiot," and a "bitter, bitter man."

Bobulinski told nan committee astatine his ain deposition past period that nan only logic Hunter Biden was capable to make millions from a assortment of overseas sources was because his begetter was vice president astatine nan time.

Galanis, different 1 of nan invited witnesses, will almost surely not be successful personification — he is serving a 14-year situation condemnation for 2 multi-million dollar fraud schemes. The House committees starring nan impeachment enquiry conducted an question and reply pinch him connected Feb. 23 from nan national situation campy successful Montgomery, Ala.

Biden's closed-door grounds connected Feb. 28 came aft months of a heated backmost and distant pinch nan committee. He initially said he would only beryllium consenting to attest astatine a nationalist hearing, citing concerns that Republicans mightiness return portions of his grounds retired of context.

GOP lawmakers rejected his connection to attest publicly, and Biden defied a lawsuit for closed-door testimony, alternatively holding a news conference outside nan Capitol successful December.

House Republicans past pushed for a solution to clasp him in contempt of Congress. Biden relented after GOP lawmakers issued caller subpoenas aft formally announcing an impeachment inquiry.

Asked astatine his Feb. 28 deposition if he thought Archer, Bobulinski and Galanis had immoderate anticipation that his begetter could beryllium progressive successful their business dealings, Hunter Biden responded: "Not an anticipation from me. And I deliberation that you’d spot successful my communications to them, location was ne'er a azygous clip that I tin retrieve successful which I say, 'Hey, we’ll get my dada involved,' 'Hey, let’s get my dada connected nan phone,' 'Hey, you know, let’s -- you know, what tin we get from my dada retired of this?'”

Rebecca Kaplan reported from Washington, and Dareh Gregorian reported from New York.

Rebecca Kaplan

Rebecca is simply a shaper and off-air newsman covering Congress for NBC News, managing sum of nan House.

Dareh Gregorian

Dareh Gregorian is simply a authorities newsman for NBC News.