House GOP still planning to call Hunter Biden to testify publicly as support for impeachment wanes

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The House Republicans moving nan impeachment enquiry into President Joe Biden still scheme to telephone Hunter Biden to attest successful a nationalist hearing, though sources acquainted pinch their readying opportunity nan 2 sides person not engaged connected mounting a date.

Hunter Biden initially balked astatine appearing earlier nan committee down closed doors and insisted nan proceeding beryllium held publicly. But aft Republicans voted to formally authorize nan impeachment enquiry and amid threats of a contempt of Congress vote, lawyers for nan president's boy agreed to put his testimony.

Despite mixed reviews connected nan effectiveness of nan closed-door deposition, nan committee chairmen stay publically supportive of conducting nan nationalist proceeding successful nan adjacent future.

Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer, R-Ky., claimed that location were “inconsistent” aspects of Hunter Biden's deposition that request to beryllium aired retired successful a nationalist setting. Comer is starring nan impeachment enquiry on pinch Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, and House Ways and Means Committeeman Chair, R-Mo.

“Parts of Hunter Biden’s grounds are inconsistent pinch different witnesses’ testimonies,” Comer said successful a statement, “It’s clear we request a nationalist proceeding to get nan truth for nan American people.”

Comer likewise said that he heard “some contradictory statements that I deliberation request further review” aft nan president’s brother, James Biden, testified earlier nan committee earlier successful February — a motion that some Biden family members who testified did not supply nan committee pinch thing that straight proved their claims, truthful their champion chance of occurrence was to effort to undercut their testimony. 

The White House and Hunter Biden's lawyers did not instantly return a petition for comment.

Members of Comer’s committee and different House Republicans are skeptical a 2nd Hunter Biden quality would beryllium productive and location is simply a increasing consciousness successful nan caucus that nan investigation has deed a roadblock making nan existent impeachment of nan president unlikely.  

“I don’t attraction if he does aliases doesn’t" look publicly, said Rep. Troy Nehls, R-Texas, a personnel of nan Judiciary committee. “I deliberation we’ve laid nan lawsuit retired there.” 

The afloat transcript released by nan committee reveals Hunter Biden tangling pinch House Republicans connected a wide scope of issues. He many times batted backmost their attacks astir his individual life and defended his business record. At 1 constituent he turned a bid of questions connected supplier usage backmost connected Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fla.: "Of each nan group sitting astir this table, do you deliberation that’s due to inquire me?"

Rep. Nick Langworthy, R-N.Y., a personnel of nan Oversight Committee, who was successful nan room for overmuch of nan deposition, said he is concerned a nationalist proceeding would devolve into a tv circus that wouldn’t thief move nan investigation forward. 

“I deliberation that astatine that point, it’ll beryllium a batch of thoroughfare theater,” Langworthy said, adding that he didn’t find Hunter very forthcoming down closed doors and didn’t expect a nationalist proceeding would beryllium immoderate much revealing.

“He was highly guarded arsenic you know, successful what he said yesterday, and he held backmost an atrocious lot,

Democrats connected nan committee look to work together that location would not beryllium overmuch added worth successful holding a nationalist proceeding pinch Hunter Biden but besides vowed not to guidelines successful nan measurement of it moving forward.  

“I don’t spot immoderate peculiar intent for doing that, fixed that Chairman Comer didn’t want it done for a agelong time. I mean, it’s a discarded of everybody’s time. It’s a discarded of taxpayers’ money,” said Rep. Jamie Raskin, D-Md., nan ranking personnel connected nan Oversight committee. But "if that’s thing that nan parties agreed to, we would person nary objection to it, because I suppose nan full state tin spot what an absurd discarded of clip this circus has been.”

The disagreement complete nan worth of a nationalist proceeding for nan president’s boy extends into nan perceptions of nan wide investigation arsenic well. A January YouGov/UMass Amherst canvass recovered that 59% of respondents said that nan House decidedly aliases astir apt should not impeach nan president.

Even Republicans supportive of impeachment, for illustration Nehls, stay unconvinced a ballot connected articles of impeachment would ever walk nan afloat House. 

“Where there’s smoke, there’s fire, but I deliberation nan American group are much concerned correct now astir nan separator and nan system and nan endless wars we person nether this administration,” he said. 

Rep. Tim Burchett, R-Tenn., besides a personnel of Oversight is supportive of putting articles of impeachment connected nan level but doubts they would ever pass. 

“I deliberation nan guidelines is demanding we spell guardant pinch it. It’s conscionable a numbers game. If there’s a will there’s a measurement and I don’t deliberation there’s a will,” Burchett said. 

Meanwhile, nan impeachment committees look to beryllium extending their investigation into nan president successful nan hopes that they mightiness move up much evidence.

After nan typical counsel investigating nan president's handling of classified documents declined to property charges, Republicans requested documents related to nan probe. The Republican chairmen followed up connected nan petition past week by subpoenaing Special Counsel Robert Hur for further information, moreover though he had already agreed to attest publically earlier Congress connected March 12. 

Democrats judge nan clip to extremity nan enquiry has agelong passed. 

“It’s clip for Republicans to yet put this to bed," said. Rep. Eric Swalwell, D-Calif., a personnel of nan Oversight committee. "Come up pinch a scheme to money nan government, travel up pinch a scheme to money our separator needs, Ukraine’s needs, Taiwan’s needs, nan Middle East needs and extremity this sham impeachment, which is going and has gone precisely what we’ve said each along. Nowhere."

Other Republicans are cautioning that moving guardant pinch a ballot could backfire. 

“There’s thing that’s travel up truthful acold that makes maine deliberation that this thing’s thing adjacent to fresh for a vote, meaning that I person not seen immoderate impeachable offenses,” said Rep. Garrett Graves, R-La.

Graves warned that going guardant risks nan “cheapening” of impeachment.

“Does it stink? Is location fume astir it? Yeah," he said. "Have I seen occurrence and clear violations of rule aliases thing that again, remotely approaches an impeachment threshold? No, successful respect to nan president.”

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