Here’s what you need to know about tax season scams

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Tax refunds are often a financial boost for Americans, but they’ve progressively go the target of scammers who tin usage your personality to retrieve immoderate money is owed by Uncle Sam.

Last year, nan IRS received 294,138 complaints of reported personality theft, nan 2nd astir successful its history. The astir was 328,591 successful 2021, which reflects nan monolithic surge of cybercrime that spiked successful nan mediate of nan Covid-19 pandemic.

In bid to process your taxation return, nan IRS asks for immoderate individual accusation to verify your identity, including your location reside and Social Security number. In an perfect world, nary malicious actors would person that information. Unfortunately, location are more information breaches almost each year, and nan online cybercrime ecosystem is rife pinch criminals who waste and acquisition and waste Americans’ data.

While nan Internal Revenue Service is getting amended astatine stopping taxation personality theft pinch its ain soul filters, you’re overmuch much apt to debar becoming a unfortunate if you return immoderate information precautions into your ain hands. That intends filing your taxes quickly, signing up for nan IRS IP PIN program and staying vigilant to debar falling for scammers who falsely declare to activity for nan agency.

That intends you should presume scammers who want to record a mendacious taxation return successful your sanction already person each nan accusation they request to do so, said Eva Velasquez, nan CEO of nan Identity Theft Resource Center, a nonprofit that helps victims of personality theft.

“With nan authorities of information breaches, we should each beryllium operating nether nan presumption that each nan information basal to record a fraudulent taxation return successful your sanction is retired there,” Velasquez says.

Stop taxation ID theft earlier it starts

Many victims only study they’ve been scammed erstwhile they spell to record their taxation return and recognize personification already did truthful successful their name. That intends that 1 of nan champion ways to extremity fraudsters is to simply hit them to nan punch and record arsenic early arsenic possible.

The different measurement to artifact scammers is to person nan IRS send you a unsocial code, called an IP PIN. Similar to a two-factor authentication code, nan IP PIN provides other information by requiring a codification only you should person entree to.

Just because immoderate would-be thieves whitethorn already person your individual accusation doesn’t mean you should make it immoderate easier for them. Scammers person agelong claimed successful emails, texts and telephone calls to activity for nan IRS successful bid to instrumentality group into giving retired their individual information. There presently is simply a emergence successful a circumstantial type of scam wherever callers will dress to beryllium moving for a authorities agency, sometimes nan IRS, and confuse nan unfortunate by saying they’re already experiencing personality theft, Velasquez said.

But there’s an easy measurement to admit those scams: by policy, the IRS ne'er initiates integer interaction pinch taxpayers to inquire for their individual information. Anyone who asks you for that accusation via text, email aliases societal media and claims to beryllium nan IRS is lying.

The IRS besides ne'er asks for in installments aliases debit paper numbers connected nan phone. Even if a telephone appears to beryllium coming from an official-seeming number, for illustration nan 1 connected nan IRS website, it’s easy for scammers to spoof nan number they’re calling from. The IRS besides exclusively accepts costs successful U.S. dollars. It will besides ne'er insist you salary it via a gift paper aliases cryptocurrency — nan existent agency won’t moreover judge those arsenic payment.

If you’re still confused astir whether personification you’re communicating pinch is really affiliated pinch nan IRS, you tin ever call aliases inquire nan ITRC straight for free advice, Velasquez said.

If you are a victim

It’s overmuch easier to extremity taxation ID theft earlier it happens than to retrieve from it. According to nan Taxpayer Advocate Service, an IRS soul watchdog, arsenic of 2023 it takes nan agency an mean of 19 months — much than a twelvemonth and a half — to resoluteness personality theft cases. As of nan extremity of September 2023, nan agency still had a backlog of 484,000 of those cases, it found.

It doesn’t mean each dream is mislaid if personification does record a mendacious return successful your name. If that does happen, you should instantly study it to nan government. The Federal Trade Commission offers a one-stop shop,, to thief victims. It helps capable retired nan due paperwork pinch nan IRS, but besides offers resources connected different types of personality theft.

“If personification is experiencing taxation personality theft, they could besides unknowingly beryllium experiencing different types,” says Colleen Tressler, a elder task head astatine nan FTC’s Division of Consumer and Business Education.

“We springiness betterment steps. We besides explicate different types of personality theft steps that group tin take, for illustration if they recovered things connected their in installments report, really to commencement fraud alerts and in installments freezes,” Tressler said.

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