Harris calls for immediate cease-fire in Gaza, more aid ahead of meeting with Israel’s Gantz

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U.N. authorities main says basal to debar conflagration successful Gaza war

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The United Nations quality authorities main said coming that it was imperative to debar immoderate exacerbation of nan warfare successful Gaza, informing that immoderate conflagration could person wide repercussions crossed nan Middle East and beyond nan region.

Addressing nan U.N. Human Rights Council successful Geneva, Volker Turk said nan warfare successful Gaza had already spilled complete into neighboring countries.

“I americium profoundly concerned that successful this powder keg, immoderate spark could lead to a overmuch broader conflagration,” said Turk, nan United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights. “This would person implications for each state successful nan Middle East, and galore beyond it.”

He described nan subject escalation successful confederate Lebanon between Israel, Hezbollah and different equipped groups arsenic “extremely worrying.”

Homes destroyed successful Rafah

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Nidal al-Gharib, a wounded Palestinian man who mislaid his woman and daughter, walks past homes destroyed by Israeli bombardments successful Rafah, confederate Gaza Strip today.

Gaza bombardment RafahMohamed Abed / AFP - Getty Images