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The warfare successful Gaza casts a protector successful Jerusalem’s Old City connected nan first afloat time of Ramadan. Economists opportunity post-pandemic ostentation has reached a caller phase. And a study reveals what immoderate teens deliberation of their parents’ telephone use.

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Rising tensions successful East Jerusalem arsenic Ramadan begins

The streets of nan Muslim 4th successful Jerusalem’s Old City were markedly quiet yesterday connected nan first afloat time of Ramadan arsenic mini groups of worshippers made their measurement to Al-Aqsa mosque, nan third-holiest tract successful Islam, for noon prayers. With nary cease-fire successful sight, nan warfare successful Gaza formed a dense protector complete nan commencement of nan beatified month.

Some Muslims specified arsenic shopkeeper Jamil Halwani said nan “joy of Ramadan” is absent. Instead, galore fearfulness a emergence successful tensions and perchance unit successful East Jerusalem if Israeli authorities artifact worshippers from accessing Al-Aqsa during nan period of Ramadan.

Jamil Halwani successful Jerusalem.Jamil Halwani successful Jerusalem.Chantal Da Silva / NBC News

In nan weeks starring up to Ramadan, nan Israeli authorities had been unclear astir whether it would look to enforce caller limits connected entree to nan Al-Aqsa compound during nan beatified month. Last week, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s agency said nary caller restrictions would beryllium enforced.

Already, astatine slightest 1 conflict was reported connected Sunday. The Palestinian Information Ministry said Israeli authorities blocked young men from accessing nan mosque’s compound arsenic they made their measurement location for nan first Taraweeh, an evening dream held each nighttime of Ramadan. Video circulated connected societal media showed a ample crowd of group being blocked from accessing 1 of nan gates starring to nan mosque, pinch astatine slightest 2 officers appearing to onslaught group pinch batons arsenic nan group pushed back. 

Chantal Da Silva reports from Jerusalem astir nan temper successful nan Old City. Read nan afloat communicative here.

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Teens connected telephone use: Parents request to log off

Teens whitethorn beryllium attached to their ain smartphones, but galore work together their parents request to put down nan devices much often. A caller study from nan Pew Research Center reported that 46% of teens said their parents were sometimes aliases often distracted by their ain phones erstwhile having conversations. Only 31% of parents said that was nan case. 

Teens meantime person mixed feelings erstwhile it comes to their ain smartphone use. Many said they consciousness happy aliases serene erstwhile they don’t person their smartphones — but 44% besides said they consciousness anxious without them. Read much astir nan study results.

Why ostentation is stuck successful a ‘no landing’ scenario

When nan Fed raised ostentation rates post-pandemic, they did truthful pinch nan extremity of a “soft landing” that would spot little ostentation without a important summation successful unemployment. But pinch nan ostentation complaint hovering for nan past 8 months betwixt 3% and 4%, immoderate experts opportunity nan Fed’s 2% extremity is farther disconnected than erstwhile projected. If nan first 2 phases of post-pandemic ostentation were breakneck value increases amid occupation changes and slowing value growth, experts opportunity a 3rd shape has emerged: a stall. They expect further impervious of a stall this greeting erstwhile nan Bureau of Labor Statistics announces nan ostentation figures for February.  

Two large reasons for stagnant ostentation rates are nan costs of rent and homeownership. Both person remained supra 6% connected a 12-month ground successful January. There are different factors successful play, too, including supply-chain issues, peculiarly related to problem successful nan Red Sea. While Fed Chairman Jerome Powell antecedently said nan first post-pandemic liking complaint trim would travel this year, immoderate experts now deliberation nan U.S. will spot less complaint cuts than antecedently forecast.

Haitian premier curate resigns arsenic pack unit intensifies

Ariel Henry, nan embattled premier curate of Haiti, has agreed to resign arsenic nan nation's superior is wracked by out-of-control pack violence.

Speaking from Puerto Rico, Henry said his authorities would dissolve erstwhile a transitional assembly had been group up, pursuing a week of "systematic looting and demolition of nationalist buildings and backstage buildings."

Haiti was sent into a authorities of emergency past play aft gangs banded together and attacked authorities institutions, airports and prisons, mounting free thousands of prisoners. The notorious “G9 and Family” pack leader, Jimmy Cherizier — besides known arsenic “Barbecue” — threatened much unit if Henry, premier curate since 2021, did not measurement down. Here’s what other to know about nan conflict.

Special counsel successful Biden classified docs lawsuit faces fierce questioning

Robert Hur, typical counsel successful President Joe Biden’s classified documents case, will make his first nationalist comments astir nan lawsuit this greeting successful a House Judiciary Committee hearing. The proceeding comes much than a period aft Hur’s study portrayed Biden arsenic “an aged man pinch a mediocre memory” who couldn’t callback erstwhile his boy Beau died, a characterization that nan White House pushed backmost against. Hur is expected to take sides nan connection he utilized astir Biden’s representation arsenic he faces fierce questioning from some Republicans and Democrats complete his determination not to complaint Biden successful nan case. 

NBC News’ authorities squad will person by-the-minute updates passim nan hearing. Follow our unrecorded sum connected NBCNews.com.

Politics successful Brief 

RNC shakeup: At slightest 4 elder staffers were among nan Republican National Committee employees who were terminated as nan Trump run takes over, 2 sources said.

Border security: President Joe Biden’s fund connection for 2025 includes a $4.7 cardinal emergency fund for separator information successful lawsuit of migrant surges. 

Jan. 6 aftermath: A caller study from nan House committee investigating nan typical Jan. 6 committee took purpose astatine cardinal witnesser Cassidy Hutchinson, saying different White House labor did not corroborate her relationship of Donald Trump’s actions that day.

Biden admin departure: Marcia Fudge, nan caput of lodging and municipality improvement since 2021, is stepping down, becoming nan 2nd Cabinet personnel to time off nan Biden management during his first word arsenic president.

‘Trump Employee 5’ speaks: Brian Butler, who worked astatine Mar-a-Lago, came guardant successful an question and reply pinch CNN and described moving “the boxes that were successful nan indictment” before nan FBI searched nan erstwhile president’s location complete his alleged mishandling of classified documents.

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Staff Pick: The commotion complete nan edited Kate Middleton pic

I’m not usually 1 for royal gossip, but I’d beryllium lying if I said I haven’t been drawn successful by nan speculation astir nan whereabouts of Kate, Princess of Wales. What was intended to beryllium a reassuring photograph for nan nationalist showing that nan princess was good aft abdominal room alternatively turned into a nationalist relations nightmare that saw various agencies rumor “kill notices” for nan image owed to signs that it had been altered. Of course, that only fueled much chaotic rumors about what’s really going on. — Rudy Chinchilla, breaking news editor

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