Group submits signatures in effort to recall top Wisconsin Republican targeted by Trump

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A group that's aiming to callback Robin Vos, nan speaker of Wisconsin’s authorities Assembly and a apical target of erstwhile President Donald Trump, said it has submitted nan magnitude of signatures needed to move guardant pinch an effort to oust nan Republican leader from office.

Recall Vos said it had gathered much than nan astir 7,000 required signatures from voters successful Vos' district. The filing deadline for nan callback effort is Monday.

"I transportation pinch maine nan sound of much than 10,000 Racine County residents," nan group's callback petitioner, Matt Snorek, said astatine a news convention extracurricular of nan Wisconsin Election Commission soon earlier delivering nan signatures. "Together we are challenging nan position quo, driven by nan galore ways successful which Speaker Robin Vos has grounded us."

Riley Vetterkind, a spokesperson for nan Wisconsin Elections Commission, confirmed that nan group had submitted signatures, but said that they had not yet been reviewed.

Members of nan bipartisan committee are scheduled to meet Tuesday to talk nan callback petition. The six-member sheet will determine whether nan petition is capable to telephone for a callback election. The officeholder targeted by a callback effort tin besides situation nan petition wrong 10 days of its submission.

Vos did not instantly respond to a petition for remark connected Monday night.

Snorek characterized nan petition arsenic being driven successful portion by comments he said Vos made astir Trump's candidacy this year.

“I don’t deliberation Robin Vos should beryllium going and moving against a blimpish candidate, erstwhile they’re nan starring candidate, because successful my sentiment that runs america nan consequence of getting Joe Biden elected present successful 2024,” Snorek said.

Snorek besides pointed to Vos not advancing an effort to impeach nan state’s main predetermination charismatic Meagan Wolfe, who has been criticized by Wisconsin Republicans complete really she conducted nan 2020 election. Wolfe has besides been outspoken successful condemning predetermination fraud falsehoods promoted by Trump and his friends successful Wisconsin.

Vos, nan longest-serving speaker successful Wisconsin history, has been a target of Trump and his supporters aft nan erstwhile president mislaid nan battleground authorities successful nan 2020 wide election by astir 20,000 votes. He refused Trump's urging to disregard nan 2020 results during what he said was a call from nan erstwhile president successful July 2022 demanding that he retroactively use a Wisconsin Supreme Court ruling that restricted nan use of absentee ballot driblet boxes in early elections.

Vos had antecedently launched a probe into nan predetermination results nether unit from Trump, which recovered nary grounds of wide fraud.

Trump besides campaigned against Vos' re-election bid successful 2022, endorsing challenger Adam Steen. Vos ultimately prevailed successful that superior by 3 percent points — nan slimmest separator successful his governmental career. He was re-elected arsenic speaker successful 2022.

Zoë Richards

Zoë Richards is nan evening authorities newsman for NBC News.