Georgia woman gets stuck under conveyor, dies while trying to get AirPod, authorities say

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A Georgia female died past week aft she dropped an AirPod nether a conveyor and sewage caught successful a concatenation that moves nan instrumentality while reaching for it, authorities said.

According to an incident study from nan Columbia County Sheriff’s Office, a witnesser told investigators that statement worker Alyssa Drinkard, 21, dropped nan AirPod beneath nan conveyor while connected displacement astatine a works for Club Car astir 9:45 p.m. Friday.

The institution makes play carts and different vehicles.

When she tried to get nan earbud from nether nan machine, she sewage caught successful nan concatenation that moves nan conveyor, nan witnesser said, according to nan report.

Due to nan measurement Drinkard was pinned, nan witnesser — identified arsenic chap worker Fae’Zsha Smith — "was not capable to get her out, truthful she called for attraction to travel and unopen nan instrumentality down. They began taking it isolated erstwhile nan instrumentality was down and called 911," nan study says.

Emergency unit freed Drinkard, of Grovetown, “by cutting nan metallic framework from astir nan conveyor and pulling her out," nan study indicates.

Drinkard still had a beat erstwhile she was freed from nan machine, and emergency unit performed life-saving measures connected her earlier she was hospitalized, nan incident study said.

Club Car did not respond to NBC News' petition for remark Wednesday afternoon. In a connection to The Augusta Press, nan institution confirmed a worker connected Friday nighttime sustained captious injuries astatine its superior manufacturing installation successful Evans earlier dying.

“First responders were instantly notified, and we convey them for their speedy consequence to supply aesculapian attraction and proscription to nan infirmary wherever nan worker unluckily later passed away," nan institution said. "Our sincere condolences and thoughts are pinch nan family, friends and each impacted by this loss. We are moving pinch authorities and nan contractor successful an investigation to find nan facts astir what led to nan incident."

Smith, 25, said Wednesday that she has not been capable to shingle nan images of Drinkard lodged nether nan conveyor.

"I'm benignant of traumatized from seeing her that way," Smith said, her sound sometimes quivering arsenic she remembered her erstwhile colleague.

Drinkard was moving crossed from Smith erstwhile Drinkard said she dropped an AirPod nether nan conveyor, Smith said.

Smith past looked nether nan instrumentality and saw nan earbud. She recalled telling Drinkard that she'd get it for her erstwhile it was safe to do so.

"She said, 'It's OK, I'll conscionable get caller ones,'" Smith said.

Only 2nd passed earlier Smith said she looked down and saw a horrifying scene.

The instrumentality caught Drinkard's arm, Smith said, noting that it was bent and location was a important magnitude of humor aft Drinkard tried to scope for nan AirPod from her broadside of nan activity station.

Drinkard had worked astatine nan works for astir a year, Smith said, and was quiet but well-liked by different statement workers. Drinkard was invited to spell retired pinch colleagues, and would only sometimes show up, but erstwhile she did, her beingness was ever noticed, Smith said.

“When she did travel out, it was ever laughs. She was ever truthful sweet. She was ever had a grin connected her face," Smith said.

Drinkard’s relatives could not instantly beryllium reached for remark Wednesday afternoon.

Smith, who has not returned to activity since nan incident, said she's unsure if she ever will because she has concerns astir her safety.

According to Club Car’s website, nan company, based successful Augusta, has been an manufacture leader successful making play carts for decades. The institution says connected its website that it makes nan charismatic play cart for nan PGA of America, PGA TOUR Tournament Players Club Network and European Tour.

According to nan site, nan institution was erstwhile called 1 of nan country's safest.

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