Garrison Brown, son of 'Sister Wives' stars Janelle and Kody Brown, dead at 25

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Garrison Brown, nan big boy of reality TV stars Janelle and Kody Brown who was besides featured connected "Sister Wives", was recovered dormant astatine a location successful Arizona connected Tuesday.

He was 25.

Flagstaff constabulary said it appeared he died by suicide. Officers responding to a study of a decease astatine nan location were met by Garrison's younger brother, Gabe, constabulary said.

Police said nan decease was nether investigation, but that location was nary motion of foul play.

sister wives boy Janelle BrownRobert Garrison Brown.@janellebrown117 via Instagram

"Sister Wives," a TLC reality show that has aired for 18 seasons, focuses connected Kody Brown, his 4 wives and their 18 children. He shares six children and 3 grandchildren pinch Janelle and has said he is estranged from them.

On Tuesday, Kody and Janelle shared news of Garrison's decease via astir identical messages connected their individual Instagram accounts.

"He was a agleam spot successful nan lives of each who knew him," nan posts stated. "Our nonaccomplishment will time off specified a large spread successful our lives, that it takes our activity away."

TLC said successful a statement, "We are devastated to perceive of nan tragic nonaccomplishment of Garrison Brown. We widen our deepest sympathies and heartfelt condolences to nan Brown family astatine this difficult time."

His mother had praised Garrison for his carpentry skills — a family trait — expressed done his restoration of a vintage camping trailer and building of a civilization array he made for her.

The estrangement betwixt Kody and his children pinch Janelle was a taxable during Season 18 of nan show, which began airing past fall.

"We’ve reached retired and tried to beryllium unfastened and neglected and overlooked for offenses that were believed to person happened but they ne'er did," Garrison Brown said successful 1 episode.

Police said nan decease was nether investigation.

"At this clip location is not immoderate denotation of foul play, and Detectives from nan Criminal Investigations Division are investigating," Rintala said.

If you aliases personification you cognize is successful crisis, telephone aliases matter 988 to scope nan Suicide and Crisis Lifeline aliases chat unrecorded astatine You tin besides sojourn for further support.

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