Former Nevada congressional hopeful accused in death of Chris Tapp, who served 20 years for murder he didn't commit

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A erstwhile Nevada legislature hopeful has been identified arsenic a fishy successful nan decease past twelvemonth of Chris Tapp, an Idaho man who spent 2 decades successful situation for a execution he didn't commit and later became an advocator for nan wrongfully convicted.

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department connected Wednesday said it had obtained an apprehension warrant connected a execution complaint for Daniel Rodimer, 45.

Tapp, 47, died successful Las Vegas aft authorities responded to an Oct. 29 study of a "purported accident," authorities said successful January.

Tapp's lawyer antecedently told "Dateline" that he'd gone to a Las Vegas car show and was hospitalized and successful a coma aft falling and hitting his caput connected a java array successful his hotel.

Homicide detectives later discovered Tapp had been successful a conflict earlier nan hospitalization, nan Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department said.

Tapp died from blunt unit trauma to nan head, and nan Clark County Coroner’s Office ruled nan decease a homicide, nan constabulary section said.

Police connected Wednesday did not supply immoderate further specifications astir nan decease aliases Tapp's narration pinch Rodimer.

Rodimer, a erstwhile wrestler and governmental candidate, was nan runner-up for a spot successful Nevada’s 3rd legislature territory successful 2020, losing to incumbent Suzanne Lee by astir 3%.

In 2019, Tapp was exonerated for nan execution of Angie Dodge, an 18-year-old female who was raped and murdered successful her Idaho Falls flat successful 1996.

Tapp later told "Dateline" that he’d falsely confessed to nan execution aft investigators many times interrogated him and administered aggregate dishonesty detector tests.

In 2017, aft Tapp’s lawyer alleged that authorities had coerced his client, prosecutors agreed to vacate Tapp’s rape condemnation and trim nan condemnation successful his execution condemnation to clip served.

Tapp was cleared successful nan execution 2 years later, aft Dodge’s erstwhile neighbour was arrested successful her sidesplitting and later pleaded blameworthy to a execution charge.

Tapp pushed lawmakers successful Idaho and different states to walk authorities providing adjacent compensation to exonerees. In 2021, aft Idaho Gov. Brad Little signed a measure backed by Tapp into law, Tapp was fixed $1.2 cardinal — aliases $62,000 for each twelvemonth he was down bars.

Tapp later sued nan metropolis of Idaho Falls and its constabulary section complete “egregious misconduct.” He settled nan suit successful 2022 for $11.7 cardinal and an apology from nan mayor.

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