Former Mar-a-Lago worker comes forward and describes moving materials in Trump classified docs case

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A man who says he worked astatine Mar-a-Lago is going nationalist pinch his recollection of events starring up to nan FBI’s hunt of Donald Trump’s Florida residence complete nan erstwhile president's alleged mishandling of classified documents.

In an question and reply pinch CNN, Brian Butler said he helped Trump adjutant Walt Nauta load astir 10 to 15 boxes onto nan erstwhile president's level astatine West Palm Beach airdrome adjacent his Florida edifice successful June 2022, erstwhile representatives from nan Justice Department were gathering pinch Trump and his attorneys astir unreturned classified material.

Butler, who CNN identified arsenic “Trump Employee 5” successful an indictment revenge by typical counsel Jack Smith, said that nan boxes were “the boxes that were successful nan indictment, nan achromatic banker’s boxes,” referring to photos included successful national indictment.

Butler, who told CNN that he had worked astatine Trump’s Florida edifice for 2 decades, declined a petition for remark Monday. NBC News has not independently confirmed Butler’s personality arsenic “Trump Employee 5,” 1 of nan unnamed labor successful nan indictment.

This image, contained successful nan indictment against erstwhile President Donald Trump, shows boxes of records being stored connected nan shape successful nan White and Gold Ballroom astatine Trump's Mar-a-Lago property successful Palm Beach, Fla. Trump is facing 37 felony charges related to nan mishandling of classified documents according to an indictment unsealed Friday, June 9, 2023. (Justice Department via AP)This image, contained successful nan indictment against erstwhile President Donald Trump, shows boxes of records being stored connected nan shape successful nan White and Gold Ballroom astatine Trump's Mar-a-Lago property successful Palm Beach, Fla.Justice Department via AP

Butler said successful nan question and reply he was unaware that location were perchance classified worldly successful nan boxes.

“I had nary clue. I mean, we were conscionable taking them retired of nan Escalade, piling them up,” Butler told CNN, adding that he told national investigators astir nan activity of boxes. "I retrieve they were each stacked connected apical of each other, and past we’re lifting them up to nan pilots.”

CNN reported that Butler spent months considering whether to spell public, but yet wanted to stock facts of nan lawsuit pinch group who whitethorn person doubts. Three months aft nan FBI search, Butler near his occupation arsenic a nine valet and head astatine Mar-a-Lago owed successful portion to a desire to move on, CNN reported.

The indictment alleged that successful June 2022, Mar-a-Lago maintenance supervisor Carlos De Oliveira asked “Trump Employee 5” not to show anyone astir a travel by Nauta because Nauta “wanted nan travel to stay secret.”

The indictment besides alleged that De Oliveira told nan worker that “Nauta wanted De Oliveira to talk to Trump Employee 4 to spot really agelong camera footage was stored.”

NBC News has previously reported that “Employee 4” is Yuscil Taveras, and portion of nan superseding indictment suggests that Taveras whitethorn beryllium cooperating pinch prosecutors. Prosecutors described a speech wherever they said De Oliveira told Taveras “that ‘the boss’ wanted nan server deleted.”

The superseding indictment accused nan erstwhile president of being portion of a strategy to delete information video astatine Mar-a-Lago.

Neither De Oliveira’s ineligible squad nor nan Trump run instantly responded to requests for remark Monday astir Butler’s interview. Nauta’s ineligible squad and Special Counsel Jack Smith's agency declined to comment.

CNN reported that a lawyer for Trump declined to comment. A lawyer for De Oliveira told CNN, “We look guardant to proceeding much astir Mr. Butler’s type of events erstwhile he is nether oath and taxable to punishment of perjury successful nan courtroom wherever that belongs, and we diminution to effort this lawsuit successful nan media.”

The charges against Trump see willful retention of nationalist defense information. He and his 2 co-defendants — Nauta and De Oliveira — were besides charged pinch conspiracy to obstruct justice.

The indictment was based successful portion disconnected of classified documents discovered erstwhile FBI agents searched Mar-a-Lago in August 2022.

Trump, Nauta and De Oliveira person each pleaded not blameworthy to nan charges against them. The judge presiding complete nan lawsuit primitively group nan proceedings to commencement connected May 20, though it is expected to beryllium delayed.

Butler's question and reply pinch CNN comes a time earlier typical counsel Robert Hur is group to attest earlier a Republican-led House sheet successful a abstracted classified documents probe. Hur past period declined to prosecute President Joe Biden complete his handling of classified material.

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