Florida gymnastics coach accused of sexually abusing two underage students

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MIAMI — A South Florida gymnastics coach is successful jailhouse pursuing accusations that he had activity pinch 2 girls erstwhile they were underage.

Oscar Olea, 38, was arrested Wednesday and charged pinch 2 counts of activity crimes pinch minors complete 12 but nether 18 while nether familial aliases custodial care, the Miami Herald and NBC South Florida reported.

Olea sexually abused nan 2 students astir 2011 while he was their coach, prosecutors said. Arrest warrants showed that nan victims were 14 and 16, though nan younger unfortunate told nan Herald that she was 13 erstwhile nan maltreatment started. Investigators said Olea developed a brother-sister narration pinch some victims, which later turned sexual.

At a proceeding Thursday, Miami-Dade Judge Mindy Glazer recovered probable origin and ordered Olea held without bond, according to NBC South Florida.

Olea's lawyer tried to person Glazer that he isn’t a formation risk, nan news position reported.

“Even erstwhile this investigation began, we’ve been coming pinch nan and cooperating pinch nan constabulary section and we went consecutive to nan constabulary section erstwhile they said location was a warrant and we were location instantly truthful it’s not for illustration we’re hiding,” lawyer Beatriz Llorente said, according to NBC South Florida.

Olea was scheduled to beryllium arraigned Monday successful Miami-Dade court, but nan proceeding was rescheduled to Tuesday.

Key Biscayne constabulary started an investigation into Olea, which prompted further victims to travel forward, nan news position reported.

Oscar OleaOscar Olea, right, during a proceeding successful Miami-Dade.WTVJ

Key Biscayne residents held a town hallway meeting successful February pinch constabulary erstwhile connection sewage retired astir nan coach’s alleged behavior, NBC South Florida reported.

“It took a batch of courageousness for nan victims to travel guardant and speak pinch police. I want to convey our constabulary section arsenic good arsenic nan Miami-Dade Police Department for moving tirelessly connected this investigation. Thanks to nan efforts of many, our residents tin consciousness immoderate relief,” Key Biscayne Mayor Joe Rasco said successful a statement.

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