Flashy N.Y. bishop robbed during livestreamed service found guilty of wire fraud and attempted extortion

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A Brooklyn preacher known for his flashy manner and who boasted of his relationship pinch New York City’s politician was recovered blameworthy successful national tribunal Monday of ligament fraud, attempted extortion and lying to nan FBI.

Lamor Miller-Whitehead, 47, was recovered blameworthy of 5 counts aft a proceedings successful national tribunal successful Manhattan that began precocious past month. Prosecutors had argued that nan preacher exaggerated his ties to Mayor Eric Adams and fto greed overtake him arsenic he looted a parishioner’s status savings and tried to extort a businessman to substance his lavish lifestyle.

He besides was accused of lying to FBI agents by denying he had a 2nd cellphone.

An lawyer for Miller-Whitehead, Dawn Florio, said they are appealing nan verdict. She had told jurors during nan proceedings that grounds against her customer didn’t support nan charges.

Miller-Whitehead made headlines successful July erstwhile equipped bandits collapsed his religion work and robbed him of $1 cardinal successful jewelry.

The preacher embraced his flashy lifestyle. He was known for driving astir successful a Rolls Royce and records show he lived successful a $1.6 cardinal location successful Paramus, New Jersey. He besides owned flat buildings successful Hartford, Connecticut.

Prosecutors alleged Miller-Whitehead bilked a parishioner retired of $90,000 successful status savings by falsely promising he would find her a location and put nan remainder successful his existent property business. Prosecutors opportunity he alternatively spent nan money connected luxury equipment and clothing.

He besides was accused of trying to person a businessman to lend him $500,000 and springiness him a liking successful existent property deals by claiming his ties to metropolis officials could gain favorable curen for nan businessman’s interests.

Adams grew adjacent to Miller-Whitehead while serving arsenic Brooklyn’s borough president. Adams, a erstwhile constabulary captain, has since said he spent decades enforcing nan rule and expects everyone to travel it.

Sentencing for Miller-Whitehead is scheduled for July 1.

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