First aid ship sets sail for Gaza loaded with 200 tons of food

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Gaza assistance vessel sets sail from Cypus port

Max Butterworth

An Open Arms assistance vessel, pictured present successful nan Cypriot larboard of Larnaca yesterday, has group sail this greeting for Gaza.

The vessel is carrying 200 tons of nutrient assistance provided by World Central Kitchen arsenic portion of a aviator task to unfastened a caller maritime humanitarian corridor.

A Cyprus authorities spokesperson said a Spanish kindness vessel pinch nutrient assistance was group to sail from nan land wrong hours to nan coastal Gaza Strip.Iakovos Hatzistavrou / AFP via Getty Images

Rising concerns complete tensions successful East Jerusalem arsenic Ramadan originates pinch nary cease-fire successful sight

JERUSALEM — The sun was sparkling complete nan streets of Jerusalem’s Old City coming arsenic nan first afloat time of Ramadan began — but pinch nary cease-fire successful sight, nan warfare successful Gaza formed a dense protector complete nan commencement of nan beatified month, pinch fears of tensions rising astir nan revered Al-Aqsa mosque.

Israeli separator constabulary patrolled nan streets of nan Old City’s Muslim 4th — an area that is usually bustling pinch group and adorned pinch lights, lanterns and decorations during Ramadan.

 Ramadan Begins Amid Fears Of Rising Tensions In JerusalemA Muslim man prays during nan first nighttime of Ramadan successful Jerusalem's Muslim quarter.Amir Levy / Getty Images

It was markedly quiet today, pinch nary signs of ceremony arsenic mini groups of worshippers made their measurement to Al-Aqsa, nan third-holiest tract successful Islam, for noon prayers.

For Muslims astir nan world, Ramadan is “the astir important period for us,” shopkeeper Jamil Halwani said. But this year, he said, nan accustomed “joy of Ramadan,” a clip of fasting, prayer, service, introspection and gathering, was absent.

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