FDA warns about lead contamination in more cinnamon products in the U.S.

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The Food and Drug Administration issued a information informing Wednesday, saying it identified further cinnamon products successful nan United States that are contaminated pinch lead.

The crushed cinnamon products recovered to incorporate lead are: La Fiesta, from La Superior SuperMercados; Marcum, from Save A Lot; MK, from SF Supermarket; Swad, from Patel Brothers; Supreme Tradition, from Dollar Tree & Family Dollar; and Eli Chilar, from La Joya Morelense.

People should not eat, waste aliases service nan crushed cinnamon products and should propulsion them out, nan FDA said.

The informing comes aft nan recall of lead-contaminated cinnamon applesauce pouches, from nan Florida-based institution WanaBana USA. As of Feb. 23, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said it had received 468 reports of confirmed, suspected and probable cases of lead poisoning linked to nan pouches from 44 states. Many of nan group sickened were young children.

The agency has said cinnamon was nan apt root of nan lead contamination successful nan applesauce pouches. Following that recall, nan FDA group retired to sample crushed cinnamon products from discount stores for lead contamination.

It's unclear if nan contaminated products identified by nan FDA Wednesday were originated by nan aforesaid supplier arsenic WanaBana. The FDA did not instantly respond to a petition for comment.

The products person a agelong support life, nan agency said.

No illnesses aliases adverse events person been reported.

Berkeley Lovelace Jr.

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