FDA approves Wegovy to reduce heart attack and stroke risk

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The blockbuster weight nonaccomplishment supplier Wegovy is now approved to reduce bosom illness risk, drugmaker Novo Nordisk said Friday.

The Food and Drug Administration has updated nan drug's label, saying that Wegovy tin beryllium prescribed to trim a person's consequence of bosom onslaught and stroke, nan institution said.

Heart illness is nan starring origin of decease successful nan United States, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The alteration comes after, successful a late-stage objective proceedings of much than 17,000 adults, Novo Nordisk recovered that Wegovy trim nan consequence of cardiovascular events — specified arsenic bosom onslaught and changeable — by 20% compared to a placebo. All of nan group successful nan proceedings were overweight aliases had obesity, and had a history of bosom disease.

The explanation alteration could mean that more employers and insurers are persuaded to screen nan medication.

Many person been hesitant to screen nan pricy drug for weight loss.

Wegovy, on pinch different weight nonaccomplishment medications, specified arsenic Eli Lilly's Zepbound, are typically not covered by insurance; Medicare, by law, is barred from covering them.

The approval, Novo Nordisk said, makes Wegovy nan first therapy approved successful nan United States to thief group negociate their weight and trim bosom illness risk.

Wegovy contains semaglutide, nan aforesaid progressive constituent recovered successful nan celebrated glucosuria supplier Ozempic, which is often prescribed off-label for weight loss. Both are manufactured by Novo Nordisk.

Berkeley Lovelace Jr.

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