'Far from the truth': Bruce Willis' wife slams headline that said actor has 'no more joy'

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Emma Heming Willis is calling retired a "clickbait headline" that described her hubby Bruce Willis arsenic having “no much joy,” saying specified a declare is "far from nan truth" and to “stop scaring people.”

The famed "Die Hard" character stepped distant from acting successful March 2022 aft he was diagnosed pinch aphasia that impacted his cognitive abilities. His family announced successful February 2023 that he had been diagnosed pinch frontotemporal dementia.

Heming Willis said successful a video connected Instagram Sunday that she was “triggered” aft coming crossed a clickbait header that “basically says location is nary much joyousness successful my husband.”

“I tin conscionable show you, that is acold from nan truth,” Heming Willis said. “100% location is condolences and sadness, there’s each of that. But you commencement a caller section ... it’s filled pinch love, it’s filled pinch connection, it’s filled pinch joy, it’s filled pinch happiness.”

Bruce Willis and Emma Heming Willis successful New York CityBruce Willis and Emma Heming Willis successful 2019. Jamie McCarthy / Getty Images record

Though she did not stock which publication ran nan headline, she said: “I request nine and whoever is penning these stupid headlines to extremity scaring people, extremity scaring group to deliberation that erstwhile they get a test of immoderate benignant of neurocognitive illness that that’s it, it’s over.”

In her caption, she said: "There is truthful overmuch beauty and soulfulness successful this story," adding, "People that person not taken nan clip to decently amended themselves connected immoderate benignant of neurocognitive disease."

Frontotemporal dementia, known arsenic FTD, is an “umbrella term” for a group of encephalon disorders that impact nan frontal and temporal lobes of nan encephalon and are mostly associated pinch personality, behaviour and language, according to the Mayo Clinic. Symptoms scope from melodramatic changes successful characteristic to losing connection ability.

Although location is nary cure for FTD, medications tin amended value of life, according to the National Institute connected Aging.

Heming Willis opened up connected NBC’s “TODAY” show past autumn about really her family was handling Willis’ diagnosis. 

“What I’m learning is that dementia is hard. It’s difficult connected nan personification diagnosed, it’s besides difficult connected nan family. And that is nary different for Bruce, aliases myself aliases our girls,” she said astatine nan time.

The mates person 2 young daughters. Bruce Willis, 68, has 3 big daughters pinch his first wife, Demi Moore.

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