Fans are ‘obsessed’ with ‘chaotic’ way Al Pacino delivered best picture Oscar

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Al Pacino took nan shape astatine nan 96th Oscars to present nan grant for champion picture. Spoiler: “Oppenheimer” won, but Pacino’s transportation of nan victor arguably stole nan show.

Whereas the acting nominees had agelong presentations, nan champion image position was rushed: Pacino didn’t publication retired nan nominees.

Rather than mention each movie by name, Pacino only said, “Ten awesome films were nominated, but only 1 will return nan grant for champion picture.”

Then he gestured to his envelope. “I person to spell to nan letter cover for that. Here it comes,” he said, opening it up.

Looking astatine nan paper, he started talking. “And my eyes spot ‘Oppenheimer,’” he said.

Some clapping emerged, but it seemed for illustration Pacino was still speaking. “Yes. Yes,” Pacino continued, reference nan names of nan produces. More clapping emerged earlier finally, “Oppenheimer” became, clearly, nan winner.

The somewhat anticlimactic infinitesimal led to a spirited speech online.

“Al Pacino announcing Oppenheimer’s champion image triumph pinch nan casualness of announcing what he wants to eat for meal astatine Chili’s is why I watch The Oscars,” one X personification wrote.

Another compared his reside to a carnivore stumbling retired of a cave.

They noticed really he skipped reference nan nominations and trim consecutive what his “eyes” saw: “Oppenheimer”.

“Al Pacino not moreover presenting nan remainder of nan nominations and going consecutive to nan victor is specified a hilarious yet Oscar worthy capacity successful its ain right,” someone wrote.

Others weren’t arsenic taken pinch nan moment, calling it “all kinds of awkward.”

Writer Spencer Althouse concluded it “couldn’t person been much chaotic aliases confusing,” but said he was still “obsessed.”