FAA audit of Boeing’s 737 Max production reportedly found ‘dozens of issues’

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U.S. aerial information regulators recovered “dozens of problems” astatine accommodation owned by Boeing and 1 of its cardinal suppliers aft a six-week audit of nan accumulation of nan 737 Max jet, according to The New York Times. 

The Federal Aviation Administration started nan probe aft a door sheet blew disconnected a 737 Max 9 flight on Alaska Airlines in early January, an incident that has attracted aggravated scrutiny of Boeing’s quality-control practices. 

The NYT report, published Tuesday, was based connected a reappraisal of an soul FAA descent position and offered a glimpse into nan galore issues recovered by auditors. Many of nan problems fell nether nan class of nonaccomplishment to travel “approved manufacturing processes” and nonaccomplishment to support due value power documentation, according to nan Times.

FAA auditors recovered that retired of 89 merchandise audits that were conducted, Boeing passed 56 tests and grounded 33 of them, according to nan report.

During nan six-week audit, nan FAA besides conducted 13 merchandise audits that focused connected Spirit AeroSystems, which makes fuselages for nan Boeing 737 Max — of those, only six audits resulting successful passing grades, and 7 failed, nan NYT said.

A archive reviewed by nan Times recovered that a mechanic astatine Spirit utilized a edifice cardinal paper to cheque a doorway seal. In different instance, nan FAA reportedly saw Spirit mechanics use liquid Dawn soap to a doorway seal to usage arsenic a lubricant successful nan “fit-up process.” 

A spokesperson for Spirit reportedly said nan institution was “reviewing each identified nonconformities for corrective action.”

In precocious February, the FAA gave Boeing 90 days to create a scheme for quality-control improvements. Around nan aforesaid time, an expert panel’s report on Boeing recovered a “disconnect” betwixt its elder guidance and labor regarding information culture. 

The sheet study had been required by nan U.S. Congress aft 2 crashes successful 2018 and 2019 involving Boeing 737 Max planes killed each nan passengers and unit aboard — a full of 346 people.

In consequence to nan NYT study and caller master sheet report, Boeing said it continues “to instrumentality contiguous changes and create a broad action scheme to fortify information and quality.” 

“We are squarely focused connected taking significant, demonstrated action pinch transparency astatine each turn,” Boeing said successful a connection to CNBC. 

In summation to nan FAA, nan National Transportation Safety Board is looking into what caused nan 737 Max pitchy doorway sheet to rustle disconnected during nan Alaska Airlines incident, and nan Justice Department has reportedly begun a criminal investigation into nan company. 

— CNBC’s Phil LeBeau contributed to this report.

Dylan Butts, CNBC

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