Ex-border officer pleads guilty to letting people into U.S., accepting bribe

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A erstwhile Customs and Border Protection serviceman who worked astatine a Texas larboard of introduction pleaded blameworthy this week to letting undocumented group into nan U.S. and allowing what he thought was cocaine into nan country, officials said.

Emanuel Isac Celedon pleaded blameworthy successful 2 national cases Monday — 1 dealing pinch smuggling group into nan U.S. and a 2nd that progressive taking a bribe for what he believed was a shipment of cocaine, prosecutors said.

Celedon, 36, worked astatine nan Juarez-Lincoln Port of Entry successful Laredo connected nan U.S.-Mexico border.

He fto group done nan lane he controlled without inspection astatine slightest 9 times betwixt September and November and told smugglers successful beforehand what his lane duty was, nan U.S. Attorney’s Office for nan Southern District of Texas said successful a statement.

Celedon besides took a $6,000 bribe to let vehicles pinch what he believed was kilograms of cocaine — but which was really “sham cocaine” and portion of an undercover investigation — into nan U.S., nan prosecutor’s agency said.

Celedon's lawyer did not instantly respond to a petition for remark Tuesday afternoon.

He pleaded blameworthy Monday to 4 counts of bringing an undocumented alien to nan United States successful 1 criminal case, and to counts of bribery and attempted importation of a controlled constituent successful nan second, nan U.S. Attorney's Office said.

The Juarez-Lincoln Port of Entry is 1 of 5 separator onshore crossings successful Laredo.

Phil Helsel

Phil Helsel is simply a newsman for NBC News.