Eight Sleep Pod 3 Cover Review: Sleep Well

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With personage endorsements from Elon Musk and Danny Green generating plentifulness of biohacking buzz, you whitethorn person heard of Eight Sleep’s Pod 3 Cover. It’s a mattress screen that tin power aliases cool your furniture to thief you slumber better. You tin tweak nan somesthesia successful nan Eight Sleep app aliases person nan autopilot mode set it automatically, and nan Pod 3 tin supply in-depth, meticulous sleep tracking.

To unlock nan smarts of this system, including autopilot and slumber tracking, you request an costly subscription (from $15 per month), and that’s connected apical of nan astronomical asking value (from $2,045). The UK Super King screen I tested costs £2,495 (around $3,175), which is acold much than I could ever warrant spending connected a gadget for illustration this. (The US balanced is simply a Queen, astir $2,145.)

High prices and billionaire endorsements are a turn-off for me, truthful I approached nan Eight Sleep Pod 3 pinch a patient dose of skepticism. Turns retired rich | group person bully things. Closing successful connected a period pinch nan Pod 3, I’m a grudging convert. It is acold excessively expensive, and I don’t request different subscription successful my life; not to mention location are immoderate quirks I’m not keen on. But my woman and I person some been sleeping better, and that benignant of trumps everything else.

Make Your Bed

The Eight Sleep Pod 3 is simply a heavy mattress screen pinch a web of rubber tubing wrong and a soft, plush achromatic worldly connected top. It is elasticized for a snug fresh connected your mattress, but I’d counsel enlisting immoderate thief to fresh it. There’s a sticker to guarantee you put it connected nan correct measurement astir pinch nan connectors astatine nan top. The brushed fleece apical is soft, and I recovered nan screen very comfortable. It doesn’t consciousness arsenic though it’s filled pinch tubes pinch sensors.

Photograph: Simon Hill

A instrumentality that resembles a desktop PC pinch a large 8 connected nan beforehand connects to nan screen via a double tube. I slipped excavation adjacent to my bedside cabinet. This portion is nan brains of nan operation, pinch a quad-core CPU inside, and it pumps chilled aliases heated h2o done nan mattress cover.

Hooking up nan app and Wi-Fi was a five-minute job; nan app walks you done each step. The first clip you group it up, you request to capable nan Pod 3 pinch water. A cylinder slides retired of nan apical pinch a clear capable line. You person to do this a mates of times, and it takes astir 90 minutes aft each capable to pump nan h2o into nan strategy and calibrate, truthful don’t commencement nan installation correct earlier bedtime.

The screen has 2 chopped sides, truthful your partner tin configure different settings, which is perfect if 1 of you runs acold and nan different warm. It was easy to induce my woman from nan app, truthful we could some power nan Pod 3 from our phones. It took possibly 4 hours to premier nan system, but astir of that was waiting.

Logging Some Z’s

On my first nighttime pinch nan Pod 3 Cover, I slept for illustration a log. My slumber people was 100. Like, actually 100. I fell dormant successful little than 5 minutes and sewage 7 hours and 55 minutes of blissful slumber. I woke refreshed and bounded retired of bed, fresh to tackle nan day. This is rare for me. I usually return up to an hr to driblet disconnected and often aftermath done nan night. But this auspicious commencement was not to last.

Photograph: Simon Hill