Don Lemon, former CNN anchor, says Elon Musk canceled his new show on X

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Well, that was fast.

Don Lemon announced Wednesday that Elon Musk has canceled nan erstwhile CNN anchor's caller talk show connected nan societal media level X — earlier an section moreover debuted.

In a statement posted connected X, Lemon claimed that Musk was upset astir an question and reply that nan broadcaster conducted pinch him connected Friday, almost precisely 2 months aft their woody was announced.

"There were nary restrictions connected nan question and reply that he willingly agreed to, and my questions were respectful and wide ranging, covering everything from SpaceX to nan statesmanlike election," Lemon said. "We had a bully conversation. Clearly he felt differently."

Lemon said nan question and reply pinch Musk will still beryllium disposable to watch connected YouTube and X. "While Elon goes backmost connected his word, I will beryllium doubling down connected my committedness to free speech," he said.

In a consequent video clip posted connected X, Lemon straight addresses his smartphone camera and says: "Hi, everyone. Elon Musk is huffy astatine me."

X's property agency did not instantly reply to an email requesting remark connected Lemon's announcement. NBC News received an automated connection that said: "Busy now, please cheque backmost later."

Lemon, who was fired from CNN successful April, made a contented pact pinch X successful January arsenic portion of what nan institution billed arsenic a push to grow video offerings. The website besides teamed up pinch nan erstwhile Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, D-Hawaii, and sports characteristic Jim Rome.

"Elon publically encouraged maine to subordinate X pinch a caller show, saying I would person his 'full support,' and that his 'digital municipality quadrate is for all.' ... I took Elon and his guidance team's connection that they, for nan first time, were willing successful moving straight pinch caller and divers voices," Lemon said successful his statement.

Musk, who took power of what was formerly known arsenic Twitter successful precocious 2022, vowed to make nan level an arena for "free speech." He has drawn aggravated scrutiny for propagating misinformation and giving a level to conspiracy theorists for illustration Alex Jones.

The tech mogul's first media business was pinch nan erstwhile Fox News big and right-wing commentator Tucker Carlson, who has since launched his ain independent media enterprise.

Lemon announced he had been terminated from CNN connected nan aforesaid time that Fox News said it was parting ways pinch Carlson. The news of Lemon's exit came aft Variety published an article astir allegations that he had mistreated female colleagues complete his career.

He has denied those allegations.

Lemon besides faced backlash for making on-air comments astir erstwhile Republican statesmanlike contender Nikki Haley that were wide viewed arsenic sexist and ageist.

Daniel Arkin

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